November 2017
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Dt. 4:29/Ps. 68:5/Isa. 63:18/2 Co. 6:18

For nine long years Laura Sumpeter Burgess made telephone calls. With untiring discipline, three days each week, she sat for hours at a time, phoning every part of the country. She even hired a detective to help her in her quest. Altogether she spent over $18,000.00.

Finally, during Christmas of 1986, her efforts were rewarded. Laura found the object of her search—her father. Laura had been separated from him since 1966 when she was only three years old. When they finally met, they looked into each other's eyes and fell into in a deep embrace. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Laura said, "I was determined to find you. I telephoned half the world, but it's been worth it all. I've finally found you."

Lovely and tender stories like this one make listening to the news worthwhile. Laura began her search for her father when she was fourteen. Her mother had told her he was dead, but she couldn’t believe it. So she called every John Burgess she found listed in the telephone directories of the entire country until one day her true, living father answered the phone.

We can hardly imagine all the emotions experienced in such an encounter. It must be awesome. Yet, it has happened to countless numbers of persons all over the world who have been separated, not from their earthly fathers, but from their heavenly Father who knew them before they were ever formed. Finding Him has been for millions even more rewarding than having been rejoined with an earthly father.

Maybe we have never experienced the emptiness that an orphan feels. Perhaps we come from a tightly knit family where love is clearly evident. If that is so, we should be very grateful and thank God for our blessings. For some of us, however, while there may not have been a rupture in the family, the tender warmth that should have been there was never felt.

The wonderful news is that whatever our family situation has been, all of us have the awesome opportunity to experience God’s love on a daily basis. The heavenly Father’s promise is "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Fortunately, unlike many earthly fathers, God keeps His promises.

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