November 2018
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Ps. 33:20-22/Jer. 4:22/Joel 2:21, 28-32

Dr. Thomas Dann is one of the most outstanding psychiatrists of London and a professor of that specialty at the University of Earwick. His medical practice requires that he evaluate countless patients, most of whom are children between eight and fifteen years of age.

His experience moved Dr. Dann to publish an extensive article in which he said, "In today’s culture we have many young children who suffer from insomnia and need sleeping pills at bedtime. It is not unusual to find nine-year-olds with symptoms of mental fatigue and extreme depression requiring confinement and constant medical observation. In swimming and gymnastics we have Olympic champions barely having reached puberty. There are world-class skiers and famous rock-band musicians in their early teenage years. I have met children of eight that speak of the anguish of living as though they were 80-year-old philosophers. The pressure that is forced on children to satisfy the vanity of their parents is a thoughtless and cruel aspect of our modern society."

These startling facts should concern us. Neither shortening childhood nor extending the age of retirement adds happiness to life. These days the period of innocence does not last very long. In many cases television and movies, careless conversations, inappropriate examples of parents and outside influences have destroyed the enchanting and carefree days of childhood. The worst of this is that sin begins its destructive work at such a tender young age. Why should we be surprised then that young people, prior to reaching adulthood, are tired, bored with life, and engaging in adult vices.

Nevertheless, those of us who have given Christ control of our lives have a better way, and we must not only intercede in fervent prayer for these kids, but must also find a way to communicate the Good News to them. Christ alone is the only hope our children have of becoming wholesome and productive adults, for He is the only fount of health, life, and virtue. Why then is it so hard for our churches to find and keep loving Sunday School teachers? It is easy to complain about the problems of young people, and then not be willing to do anything about the situation. Let’s ask God today for His direction in what He would have us to do to influence children for the Kingdom.

Please pray for the listeners of Radio Cosmos in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It broadcasts A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE 50 times per week to almost 500,000 people. Each one of them needs to know Christ as Savior.

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