May 2019
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Ge. 50:20/Ro. 5:6-8/1 Th. 5:18

It was a terrible tragedy. The catastrophe caused her to lose both legs. The accident occurred when Colleen O’ Day was only sixteen. It seemed especially traumatic because it happened to a person whose life, in a sense, was just beginning. A drunken driver had hit her, knocked her down and crushed both of her legs. She was forced to get orthopedic limbs and it took her two years to learn to use them. She hated those artificial legs, for they were a constant trial to her.

Then, one day, those legs saved her life. Colleen was in a canoe at a lake in North Carolina when the canoe overturned, and she was not able to swim. There is little doubt that Colleen would have drowned if it had not been for one thing. The orthopedic legs were hollow, and they floated! She hung on to them until help reached her.

Today young Colleen says, "I thank God for my orthopedic legs. Instead of hating them, I now love them."

This brings to mind several thoughts. It is said that all evil comes for some good. People recognize that many times good actually comes from difficult situations. Divine wisdom says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him." (Romans 8:28) Nothing happens without God’s awareness. In His foreknowledge, God knew that those hollow artificial legs would save Colleen from sure death.

Many times it happens that a humble and unappreciated factor in our lives will produce something great. We know, for example, that the cross raised by the Romans on Mount Calvary was much more than a horrible, agonizing death for Jesus of Nazareth. It was God’s way of providing the means by which millions of people could receive salvation and eternal life.

The most vile and scorned thing for Jews, Greeks and Romans of that day, was the cross where criminals were executed. However, it has now become the greatest blessing for all mankind. The cross where Christ gave His life was the despised piece of wood that God used to redeem the whole world. That hated and cursed cross has made it possible for all of us to find salvation from the condemnation of sin, and gives us a promise of life with Christ throughout eternity.

The Lord Jesus Christ died for us on the cross. For this, let us be eternally grateful!

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