June 2018
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Ps. 40:8/Pr. 28:9/Isa. 33:22

It was a New Year's Party in the ancient biblical town of Tiberius. The Sea of Galilee calmly reflected its light over the village while a helicopter hovered low over the Tiberius Club Hotel, the newest hotel in the city.

In the helicopter a totally nude couple was making love while the hotel guests, from their windows, contemplated the scene. They had paid to see the "show." This was part of the evening's entertainment.

The local Rabbi, David Peretz, was furious. He responded by revoking the hotel's license to serve kosher foods. The Mayor of the city, Yibal Bibi, likewise angry said, "The directors of the hotel are wrong."

This is strange news coming from the ancient town of Tiberius where Jesus preached and where He multiplied bread and fish to feed a hungry multitude. Herod Antipas founded Tiberius, naming it in honor of Tiberius Caesar, the Roman Emperor. Since it had a cemetery where gentiles were buried, the orthodox Jews never liked the city nor considered it sacred. But they did not want it desecrated either.

Now, in modern times, the Tiberius Club Hotel offers its guests a decadent and degrading party befitting the amoral era in which we live. Rabbi Peretz is right. Nothing is sacred anymore; not the hotel, not the city, not the people, and not society.

This gives us food for thought. For thousands, if not millions, there is little that is sacred. Sacredness was lost when the Biblical concept of God, of morality and of eternity was lost. Present philosophy says there is no God, and since there is no God there is no right and wrong. Nothing is good and nothing is evil.

Isn't it interesting that even those who do not believe in God or in absolute moral laws cannot get away from the consequences of breaking the divine code which they say does not exist, given by a Law Giver they say is but the figment of people's imagination? How interesting that a moral code, which is not supposed to exist, administers judgement when it is violated.

1 John 5:3 says, "This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world." The truth, of course, is that there is a God, and that knowing Him we can live within the boundaries of His divine and perfect laws.

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