January 2019
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Matt. 6:19-21; 33,34

For many years, Vicente Clavajo walked the streets of Bogota, Colombia as a beggar. His clothes were ragged, his hat was old and dirty and his shoes were full of holes. He was always unshaven. With a sad look, a quivering voice and an extended hand he would be seen begging alms of anyone that passed him. "Pordiosero" or "Beggar" is what everybody called him.

One cold rainy day, Vicente Clavajo's body was found near the entrance of an open corridor. In his pocket, tied up in a piece of dirty cloth, authorities found the US equivalent of $80,000. There was also a bank passbook with another $70,000 in a savings account.

This beggar lived the life of a pauper, eating only one real meal every third or fourth day. He had no bed in which to sleep. He wore rags instead of good clothes. His home was the street. But he did have money, and he could have enjoyed a generous, peaceful and happy old age.

Surprisingly, cases like this are not that rare. Every now and then it is discovered that someone living on the mercy of public handouts is well-to-do. What causes some people to live this way? What kind of passion is it that causes one to hoard dollar upon dollar, and never reap any benefits? There is but one answer: greed. Greed is the love of money for what money itself is.

The Bible calls this idolatry. The Apostle Paul in his first letter to Timothy says: "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith." This is because money, though material and earthy, becomes a god to many.

The composite of our lives is not only made up of things that are material. Of course money has its place. As long as we are "down here" we must confront the necessities of life. But what is really important, what really counts is the eternal part of us, the spiritual side.

Constant communion with Christ should be our ultimate goal. After all aren't we living in the expectation of spending eternity with Him? If we strive for love, kindness, tolerance, and understanding, money will decrease in importance.

Christ makes the point that where our treasure is there will our heart be also. Crown Him Lord of your life. It is only when Jesus Christ has truly become "first" in our lives, that greed cannot rule our hearts. Give Him complete control of your life, including your finances, and He will supply what you need. You will then find that you need no other God but Him.

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