August 2018
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Pr. 13:9/Acts 10:1-2

They were the "model family." The forty-three-year-old father and forty-one-year old mother were both psychiatrists. Their son was twenty-one years of age and his sister, nineteen. They were well-educated professionals and belonged to the upper echelon of society. They attended church faithfully and were highly respected in the community.

In reality, however, Russel Hibler, his wife Susanne, and their children James and Jessica, were drug traffickers. For four years the authorities had been following their activities. When they finally arrested them they found in their possession 7 pounds of cocaine, 4 pounds of hashish, over 60 pounds of marijuana, and an enormous arsenal of firearms. The Hiblers were all found guilty and given prison terms. Regretfully, they had been deemed as the "model family" of the community.

Each one of us would like to be thought of as being part of a "model family." Most people dream of perfect marriages, beautiful homes, good and obedient children, many friends, and abundant means. To dream of being good, and being accepted, is normal. All of us should join in that wish. Young people, especially, who are thinking seriously of uniting their lives in marriage, need to think of living in such a way that their lives and their family structure will be thought of as a "good family."

However, a "good family" does not just happen. It is the result of years of clean, honest, decent and happy living. Like the foundation of a house needs a good base, and as a tree needs water and oxygen, so a family needs a base that is both spiritual and moral. These elements not only produce stability for the family itself but also give strength to others. Only Jesus Christ can bring these qualities into the home and into the lives of each member of the family.

A family with good habits, strong moral fiber, clean practices, and a Godly spiritual atmosphere is the strength that today's youth needs. The way to acquire these habits is to study the scriptures daily and learn of Christ diligently. A "model family" will not only go to church, as the Hibler family did, but will live for God outside the church doors as well.

The world needs to witness more Christ-honoring families within the confines of its neighborhoods. May Christ make us all, who bear His name, a "model family."

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