July 2017
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Ps. 37:23-24/Pr. 29:18/Hag. 1:5

As he came around the curve on the road to Ensenada, Mexico, the driver knew he was in trouble. The old bus was nearly full. A steep down grade in the road was just ahead. When Martín Rosales, the bus driver, put on the brakes, the pedal went clear to the floor.

He shouted in anguish, "Hang on! We don't have any brakes!" The bus left the road, and rolled over several times before coming to a stop, 170 feet below. Rosales, the driver, and all eighteen passengers were killed.

It's impossible to imagine the fear and anguish at hearing the cry, "We have no brakes." Only those who drive vehicles over dangerous mountain roads can sense what it would be like to push in the brake pedal, and suddenly realize there is no response. That very same anguish is experienced when life's moral brakes fail.

Ted Bundy was an intelligent, educated man from a good background and a wholesome family, and yet he succumbed to the temptation of sexual passion. In his quest for sensual satisfaction he not only committed sexual crimes, but he murdered as well. When he paid his debt to society with his life by execution, these were his words before going to the electric chair, "Pornography had so controlled me, it took away all restraints." Bundy had lost his moral brakes.

When a man, who has been faithful to his wife, begins taking moral liberties with the opposite sex, he is losing his moral brakes. When a person begins to frequent gambling casinos, risking his finances, greed awakens in him and he loses his moral brakes. When a young person takes that first drag on the marijuana cigarette passed on surreptitiously by a classmate, he is losing his moral brakes.

Only we know if these or similar situations apply to us, for even as Christians many times we entertain temptation feeling confident of not giving in to it. Nevertheless, we can be sure that once those brakes begin to fail we are on the road to disaster. Each careless action debilitates us a little more until one day we find ourselves totally without restraint and headed for a tragic end.

We must STOP, before it’s too late, and take account of what is happening. No good thing can ever come from a bad turn. Then we must look for Divine help and ask God to repair our moral brakes. Only He can keep us from falling.

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