March 2019
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Psalm 19:7-11; 119:9/Isa. 1:16/Titus 2:6

The two cars raced down the hill at seventy miles an hour. It was one of those crazy races that young people get into when they get out of school and have nothing better to do. It was a race just for the fun of racing.

Near the bottom of the hill one of the cars lost control. The driver, Pei Wang, sixteen years of age, hit a lamppost and her car wrapped itself completely around the pole. Pei was severely wounded, and her younger sister, who was in the car with her, died instantly. This, however, was not the first accident at the bottom of Placentia Avenue in Costa Mesa, California.

The students of Estancia High School banded together and made a petition to the city of Costa Mesa that they hoped would stop the suicide runs. Their petition called for a stop sign to be erected at the bottom of that hill. Knowing that a stop sign was installed there might serve to squelch any temptation to race down Placentia Avenue.

Friend, there are other places, things, practices and habits that are destroying our young people and also need stop signs.

We need a stop sign for the drug traffic that is escalating at an alarming rate and that is destroying the mind, will, and conscience of our young people. We need a stop sign to halt the rebellion found throughout our society that produces divorce and destroys families. We need stop signs to halt drunkenness, abortion, infidelity, dishonesty, jealousy, resentment, and hatred. We need to place stop signs on everything that destroys our peace of mind and the security of our inner soul.

Jesus Christ is the only way to effectively stop the avalanche of rebellion, dishonor and disrespect that carries along with it everything in its path. When we make Him the Lord of our lives, submit our will to His, and live under His control, He helps us to observe the stop signs that God has already posted to keep us from destroying ourselves as well as others.

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