May 2018
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2 Ch. 26:3-5/Pr. 4:11-13; 13:14/2 Ti. 3:14-15

Bob Dean worked in the photography lab of the Boston Globe. He developed the film that reporters brought in each day and printed hundreds of photographs. Many times he was required to work at night when most of the pictures were of tragedies, accidents and crimes.

One night a reporter rushed in saying, "Here are pictures of a young man killed in an automobile accident. Please develop them for me. They are to be used in the morning paper."

As was his custom, Bob Dean followed through with the film development process. He put the negatives through one solution after the other. When they were properly developed, he dried them.

As he placed one of the negatives in the enlarger to produce the print, he thought there had to be some mistake. The image he saw was the mangled body of a young man. When he looked closer, he realized it was his own nineteen-year-old son that had been the victim of a horrible accident. Earlier that evening he had asked to borrow the family car.

No words can adequately express the pain and trauma of suddenly discovering an image projected on an enlarger board is that of your own son. Bob Dean knew of his son's weakness for alcohol, and this time it had cost him his life.

Our children are God's gift to us. The development of their character is our gift to God. It is an awesome responsibility that no parent is qualified for without God’s help. Our habits, our example, and our lives are the essence of the influence we begin to exercise over them even when they are still in their cribs.

We need to plead with God to help us raise our children in the spiritual atmosphere they so direly need. Only godly knowledge and guidance will contribute positively to the essential moral lessons we must teach them by the lives we lead.

We can't, once they're out of our reach, choose the lives that our children will lead. Neither can we roll back the calendar of time and relive the days gone by. We must guide them while they are still with us.

With God’s grace, when we have done our best, our good example, our friendship, and our prayers will continue to influence our children even when they are out of the home.

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