October 2018
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Ps. 36:1-4/Jn. 14:6/1 Co. 2:14,15/Eph. 5:6-8

"It's cheese," said Estela and Lidia Uribe, two sisters 17 and 22 years of age, as they boarded a bus from the interior of Mexico. "It's cheese," they repeated as they transferred to another bus. "It's cheese," they reported as they crossed the border into the United States at Las Norias, Texas. "It's cheese," they said once again at the last US checkpoint when asked about the large baskets they had checked through.

When they were asked to cut open one of the cheeses, however, the guards found it filled with pure cocaine. The net weight of the contraband was forty-two kilograms of cocaine placed inside eighty-four carefully wrapped cheeses. "Just as all that glitters is not gold," commented one of the guards, "so all that smells is not cheese."

The old saying is true. All that glitters is not gold. In this case, an illegal and deadly drug was hiding inside the flavorful milk product called cheese. Following the same principle, all who appear to be intelligent are not always so. To use one's intelligence to smuggle contraband drugs is the height of stupidity.

We could add other situations that would fall in this same category. All that is labeled love is not always love. A man can use all the right words to convey to a young girl that she is the love of his heart, but if the only thing he is seeking is a night of sensual pleasure, that is not love. Nor is everything that sounds like wisdom, wisdom. The philosophy of relativism argues that there are no absolutes and that morality is an artifact from the dark ages. That assertion ignores the reality of the consequences of our actions and thus is foolishness in the highest order. To believe that there is no God and that there are no absolute moral codes, and yet see the destructive consequences of an infraction of the very codes we are denying, is the epitome of irresponsible ignorance.

By the same token, all that is religious is not spiritual. It is a great error to say that everything that carries the identification of "religion" is spiritual. Spirituality, in the true sense, is the bringing together of man and God. If a religion does not do that, it may be some human invented superstition, but it is not true spiritual religion.

Only by having Christ in our hearts and seriously studying His Word, can we wisely judge right from wrong. Let’s allow Christ to be the Teacher He desires to be in our lives. As we attempt to live by the divinely-inspired principles of His word we will be better able to find real "gold."

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