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"All the programs are so excellent that even though our initial agreement was for six months, we’ve now celebrated our third anniversary! A night or day doesn’t pass that we don’t receive telephone calls from people interested in knowing more about the Lord, and referring to the program. . . . Our country is suffering a great deal, and people have a hunger for God. Thank you for not abandoning us. We are very sorry that we cannot send you an offering for the help you give us." (Ibagué, Colombia)


Call of a Lifetime

Paul Finkenbinder, known as Hermano Pablo, was born in 1921 in Puerto Rico of missionary parents. He grew up speaking both Spanish and English, and the strong missionary atmosphere of his early home fashioned the course of his life and became the foundation for one of the most extensive Christian media outreaches in all of Latin America.

From his first trips by pack mule to remote villages in El Salvador, to crusades of tens of thousands, the passion of presenting the Gospel of Christ has been Hermano Pablo's hallmark.

God has opened many avenues of mass evangelism: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and crusades, to reach a continent in crisis. Daily, the challenge multiplies with the increasing influence of terrorism, rapidly growing population, and a very unstable future.

Looking Back

Paul Finkenbinder felt called by God to be a minister of the Gospel in 1938. He was only seventeen years old. When he was twenty, God gave him a wife, Linda, who was his faithful companion ever since. Their ministry began in 1942 in a Spanish mission in New Mexico, and on Thanksgiving eve, 1943, Paul, Linda, and their son, Paul Jr., began serving as missionaries in El Salvador.

For the first thirteen years in El Salvador Hermano Pablo taught in Bible Schools, ministered in churches, directed youth outreaches and made himself available in many different areas of need all over the country.

Then in 1955 God gave Hermano Pablo the vision for mass evangelism through radio. He utilized every possible tool--radio, television, the printed page, crusades, and special events--to present the Gospel of Christ to the entire Latin American continent.

In 1960 Hermano Pablo pioneered the use of "Christian drama" to present parables and Bible stories on television. The response was overwhelming. This led to the production of six Bible drama films that are still in use today throughout Latin America.

In 1964 Hermano Pablo and his family returned to the United States and established their headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. After four years in a makeshift recording studio in their garage, God provided a building for their studios and offices. Today the Spanish language radio and television programs and the newspaper and magazine columns are shipped to more than 30 countries of the world.

Hermano Pablo was honored by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) with the prestigious award for the "Hispanic Program of the Year." Other awards include: "Best Film of the Year" in 1971 given by the National Evangelical Film Foundation (NEFF), and the "Best Spanish Broadcast" 1980 Angel Award given by Religion in Media (RIM). Hermano Pablo is listed in the first edition of Who's Who in Religion. He was also the recipient of numerous certificates and honors. In 1993 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Vanguard University.

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