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"All the programs are so excellent that even though our initial agreement was for six months, we’ve now celebrated our third anniversary! A night or day doesn’t pass that we don’t receive telephone calls from people interested in knowing more about the Lord, and referring to the program. . . . Our country is suffering a great deal, and people have a hunger for God. Thank you for not abandoning us. We are very sorry that we cannot send you an offering for the help you give us." (Ibagué, Colombia)


The Harvest

These are, without a doubt, tremendous days of harvest in Latin America. The need to reach the masses with the message of Jesus Christ is stronger now than it was in 1942 when Hermano Pablo first heard God's call to evangelism. Great opportunities and challenges for Hermano Pablo Ministries lie ahead.

Over the last number of years God has raised up a Latin American evangelical counterpart (COICOM) to the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) of the United States. From its inception the hispanic leaders of COICOM recognized the tremendous worth of having an advisor on their Consulting Board of the caliber of Hermano Pablo. These men grew up listening to him on the radio, proud that he was representing them with such a high standard of excellence in broadcasting. It was evident to them that Hermano Pablo was a storehouse of wisdom and experience that could enrich the lives of key leaders in Christian media and was thus in the unique position to mentor hundreds of Hispanics who have caught the same vision and want to help carry the torch. So they named him and his wife Linda "COICOM Ministers and Ambassadors to Iberoamerica,” and they continued to serve in that capacity until Hermano Pablo's death.

In 1996, the Board of Hermano Pablo Ministries named Charles Ray Stewart as the new president of the ministry, to which Hermano Pablo said, "God, in his mercy, sent us Charles along with Linda, his wife, to take our place. They oversee the ministry now." 

Even though Paul passed away in January of 2012, his voice continues to be heard on "A Message to the Conscience" broadcasts as always. Charles continues to record, as he has since 1995, evangelistic programs with a cultural emphasis aimed at Hispanics. In addition, beginning in 2008, the audience has been given the opportunity to “to take a weight off their consciences” by submitting their stories on the evangelistic website Charles' wife, Linda, who earned a Master's Degree in Counseling, chooses one story each week and writes practical advice along with a spiritual application based on Biblical principles. Her counsel is posted on the site the following week, so that the audience receives timely feedback, and then Charles records the stories and applications in a subsequent Message to the Conscience television and radio program. So the six programs broadcast each week include Hermano Pablo's reco rdings, Charles' recordings, and special Cases of the Week, also recorded by Charles.

Hermano Pablo Ministries advances as God raises up ministry partners whose prayer and financial support meet the many obligations associated with such a vast outreach. Hermano Pablo Ministries is moving ahead as thousands are touched daily by its dynamic messages.

To find out what A Message to the Conscience is like, read one of our devotionals. These are brief messages which have been adapted for a Christian audience. Originally they targeted non-Christians.

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