June 2021
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Ex. 18:20/Dt. 6:6-9/1 Co. 11:1

First there was the explosion. Then, in the same instant, the impact along with that sickening feeling of having been shot.

Evelyn Page, 31 years of age, put her hand on her stomach. It was large and swollen due to her pregnancy. She was in the 8th month of gestation. When she withdrew her hand it was covered with blood. She, in fact, had been shot.

Someone called the paramedics and Evelyn was whisked to a hospital. The baby was taken by cesarean section and emergency attention was given to the mother. She was a beautiful baby girl, but the bullet had gone through her mother's abdomen and was buried in her tiny chest.

After the emergency procedures on mother and child, and when they were both out of danger, the mother said, "It is a miracle that my baby is alive. She will be called ‘Miracle’."

In this technologically-advanced age we still see unusual happenings that do not obey natural law. A young mother, with an almost full-term pregnancy, receives a bullet in her body that buries itself in the tiny chest of her unborn baby. The baby girl, inside her mother's womb, is miraculously saved from being killed by the evil that exists in the outside world.

God has a thousand ways of rescuing, helping, protecting, and saving. Many times a quick prayer, whispered in the midst of an emergency, brings about the miracle that is needed.

God's miraculous intervention, however, does not cancel out all human participation. A miracle may consist in God having someone in the right place at the right time. The day will come when a little girl will ask, "Mommy, why did you call me Miracle?" That's when she will learn the story of her miraculous salvation.

The world is full of evil. Crimes are committed every day. People roam the streets looking for ways to do wrong and hurt others. Man is constantly in danger of some unforeseen catastrophe. However, there are also marvelous miracles that are actual Divine interventions to counterbalance the effects of evil.

More than ever we need to have faith in God and live in the expectancy of His helping hand. Then, when unexpected problems come to us, we can be confident of a refuge, a help, or a miraculous deliverance, if need be. But even more importantly, we must remember that we have a God who can be trusted to do what is best for us in every situation.

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