April 2021
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1 Chr. 16:23/Ps. 71:8/Acts 1:8; 26:16-18/1 Pe. 3:15

Churunel, a native Indian of Central America, was the amazement of his entire village. His life had dramatically and radically changed from one of depravation, drunkenness and orgies, to one of satisfaction and glowing happiness. He always told everyone the story of his miraculous conversion and what Jesus, the Son of God, had done for him.

One day a friend asked him, "Churunel, why do you talk so much about Jesus?" Churunel did not immediately respond, but instead started picking up small twigs, sticks, and dry leaves, and placing them in a small circle. He then looked for a small worm and placed him in the middle of the circle he had made. Without saying a word, he lighted a match and lit the little pile. The fire quickly caught on the dry materials and spread around the whole circle. The little worm, caught in the middle, looked frantically for a way to escape, but of course, there was none.

Finally, when the fire was burning nearer and nearer, the intense heat made the little worm raise its head in desperation trying to obtain more oxygen. In raising its head, it was as though the little worm sensed its only salvation must come from above. Then Churunel reached over and with his hand over the flames extended his fingers to the worm. The worm grasped the fingers, and the Indian lifted the little worm to safety.

Churunel finally spoke. "This is what Jesus did for me. I was bound by the forces of sin and doomed to eternal damnation, but Jesus leaned towards me and extended His hand. All I had to do was grasp His hand firmly, and He lifted me from the midst of the flames. That is why I can't stop talking to everyone about what Christ has done for me."

Churunel's life and his illustration with the worm is a perfect picture of what Christ can do for all men. We who have tasted the goodness of the Lord, and know of the grace given to us should not hesitate to share with everyone the story of our own conversion. In fact, our gratitude should be such that, like Churunel, we can't stop talking about Jesus and all that He's done for us!

A Spanish language radio station in Oklahoma City broadcasts A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE twice each week to more than 100,000 listeners. Many of these Hispanics are far away from their homes, families, and friends. Pray that they will trust in Christ after hearing the messages.

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