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  • Reaching the Spanish-speaking world with the message of the Gospel through 6,000 radio and television broadcasts daily and
  • Broadcasting continuously since 1955, when Hermano Pablo (Brother Paul) began his first radio program
  • Presenting daily 4-minute Spanish programs consisting of a story, a moral application, and a spiritual application
  • Changing lives through the power of Christ
  • Our mission is to be God’s voice to the conscience of every Hispanic in the world.
Behind the Scenes in our Studio


Spanish speakers can subscribe to receive A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE daily by email. (In each email message there are links to watch or listen to the program.)

Others in our audience choose to follow the daily message on our iPhone App (Conciencia Hoy), or they call the phone number where the programs can be heard as if on the radio (949-943-3997). Of course, today's program and more than a thousand others are always available at

At our evangelistic website,, our audience downloads their consciences by telling us their moral dilemmas. With their permission, we then use one selected story each week to begin a future MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE program, offering Biblical and practical advice for their situation. We also post our answers at the same website, creating a searchable resource for the audience.

Every week more people tell us their stories. So far, we have had over nine thousand cases submitted from seventy-three countries. Some countries you might not expect include Albania, Japan, the Congo, Israel, and Sweden. There are Spanish speakers almost everywhere and they are desperate for answers to their problems. You can read the case for this week in the box below.
Case of the Week

I am twenty-three and have plans to marry a woman who is the same age. She is an only child, and her mother is not really in agreement with our marriage plans. I understand that it is rather difficult for her because of my girlfriend being her only child, but what bothers me the most is the way she tries to separate us. Yesterday she forbade me to give gifts to her daughter and to speak to her affectionately....

I don’t want her to live with us after we are married. I love my girlfriend a lot, but I believe that her mother has crossed the line with us. I am confused and don’t know what to do. Please help me!

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