Case 785

Robbery / Fraud|

A week ago I stole something. It’s not the first time, but this time it has been very serious and I am very sorry. I don’t know how to get my parents to forgive me and to understand that I am really sorry. I’m only fifteen years old, and I don’t want this to ruin our lives. I know that what I did was wrong, but I want to obtain the forgiveness of my parents [...]

Case 784


I am taking a pre-university course to be able to major in the field of architecture.... My problem is that I am economically disadvantaged and have no one helping me.... My mom can’t help me because I have two younger brothers, and she had to raise us without a father.... Every day I wonder what I should do, but I can’t come up with an answer.... I don’t know whether to continue my studies or [...]

Case 783

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Deceipt/Distrust)|

I have had a girlfriend for the past seventeen months. Five months ago I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. We are planning to be married in December of this year. However, there is something that I keep worrying about, and that is that I lied to her when we were first getting to know each other. I told her that I had never had sexual relations with any woman, and now [...]

Case 782

Marriage (Adultery/Infidelity)|

My husband moved out because one night I didn’t make it home from work, having been stuck there with no one to give me a ride to our house. He says that’s a lie, that I should have found a way to get home, and that my attitude was not right. This month we celebrate our twelfth anniversary. I think he made a bad decision. I had never given him any reason to doubt or [...]

Case 780

Marriage (Adultery/Infidelity)|

About a month ago I found out that my husband was being unfaithful to me.... I had never before been hurt as much as that… As soon as his infidelity was discovered, he separated from the woman and ended the secret relationship.... He has asked me to forgive him because he doesn’t want to lose me. We have a six-year-old daughter who misses her father a great deal when he is not home. Because of [...]

Case 781

Adult children|

I have a grandson that I raised like a son because his parents abandoned him.... I love him with all my heart.... He has always told me that he would still be a virgin when he got married.... But two weeks ago I found a negative pregnancy test in his bedroom.... I confronted him, and he categorically denied it until he finally confessed it. I told him that the saddest thing was that he disobeyed [...]

Case 779

Abandonment of Spouse|

My wife left me five years ago. We have a seventeen-year-old son who lives with me most of the time. I am a leader at my Christian church. I would like to make a fresh start. It seems impossible to get back together with my wife, even though I waited for her and told her so. But I can’t start over with another woman either [because of my Biblical view of marriage]. I have been [...]

Case 778


I work all day and get home very tired. Sometimes my shifts are twenty-four hours.... I live in a rented house. A relative of mine also lives there who is a university student and doesn’t help with any of the expenses. I don’t ask her for anything, except good behavior, but she mistreats me and insults me. She has an obsession with cleanliness and tries to make me feel badly for what I do in [...]

Case 777

Adult children|

I am forty-seven, married, and have three children. My eldest daughter, who is twenty-three and is about to finish her professional degree, is pregnant and has never introduced us to the father of the child. It is difficult for us as a Christian couple to know how to deal with this situation.... We thought we had taught our daughter the ways of God. We don’t know how to act, but we do know that we [...]