Case 801

Depression / Anxiety / Panic|

Until about eight months ago I was a very studious person, but around five months ago my sister was put in jail unjustly, and from that moment on there’s been a very drastic change in me. I don’t see life the same way that I did before. I’ve attempted suicide, but I haven’t been successful. For weeks I’ve been in an inexplicable depression. I would just like some advice so that I can get past [...]

Case 800


My pregnancy with our daughter was very traumatic for me. I was sick the entire time... and there were times when my life was at risk. Then the birth almost killed me because of problems with the anesthesia.... I don’t want to go through that again. That experience left me afraid to get pregnant again, but everyone who is close to us insists that we should have another child. I have talked about it with [...]

Case 799


I’ve been married for forty years. My wife and I have been followers of Christ for the past fourteen years. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been jealous and have made my wife’s life very difficult. To this day, when we disagree about something, I abuse her verbally. Afterward I always feel guilty and question whether I’m really sincere with God. I don’t read the Bible very much, and I think that I’m not [...]

Case 798

Sexual Abuse / Rape, Step-parents|

Two months ago my thirteen-year-old daughter revealed to my sister-in-law that my husband (her stepfather) had been sexually abusing her. This is affecting me because my daughter’s father wants to report my husband to the police, but I chose to forgive my husband instead. My husband is very sorry, and he has given his heart to Jesus Christ. I can see genuine repentance on his part. Am I doing the wrong thing by forgiving him [...]

Case 797

Divorce, Parental Responsibility|

My ex-wife and I have a daughter together. I had to get a divorce from her because she physically and emotionally abused me. She already had four children, and I tried to give them what I could; but they were all teenagers and never accepted me.... They made my life impossible, to the extent that one of them punched me in the mouth. My ex-wife stabbed me in the arm with a knife. For the [...]

Case 796

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Incompatibility)|

I have difficulty communicating with the man that I love. Every time I try to tell him something important, he blows up at me.... I feel bad because I believe that I don’t express myself well. I ask God to put the right words in my mouth. My boyfriend thinks that I am immature.... I am afraid that this will make him get bored of our relationship. But I don’t know how to communicate with [...]

Case 795

Responsibilities of children|

My mother is elderly and needs special care. My sisters and I have tried to shoulder this responsibility together, but I would like to have her with me all the time. I am married and have two children.... One of my sisters has told me that we should admit her to a home for the elderly where she will be cared for, but I don’t agree. I think that we as her daughters can still [...]

Case 794

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Chastity/Moral Values)|

I have a girlfriend who attends the same church that I do. I feel like I love her a lot.... We have been going out and, on one of our dates, we went too far. Actually, we didn’t have sexual relations, but we have touched each other inappropriately. I’m very embarrassed to have to admit it. I failed God. I feel guilty and very badly for having disrespected my girlfriend. She is the one that [...]

Case 793

Marriage (Adultery/Infidelity)|

I met a woman who is separated from her husband, but whose marriage has not yet been annulled in spite of adultery on his part. Would it be possible to have a stable romantic relationship with her? Dear Friend, You are very wise to ask this question before allowing yourself to get involved with this woman. Many people consider separation to be the same as divorce or annulment, but you obviously know that there are [...]