Case 822

Responsibilities of children|

I had always hoped that my future wife would love my parents, and she did before we were married. But ever since the day of wedding preparation, relationships went south. My parents had disagreements with my in-laws, causing my wife to start harboring resentment toward my parents... and things went from bad to worse on our wedding day.... When I argue with my wife, it is always about my parents. I would like to honor [...]

Case 821

Depression / Anxiety / Panic|

I had an open relationship with a divorced man.... We went out for two years, but because there was no formal commitment, I decided to end it. He went on to other women... [and then] came back to me; but because I rebuffed him, he decided to take me against my will... [and] tried to kill me.... Since then, I am afraid to leave the house.... The situation has affected my health, so I have [...]

Case 820

Social Media/Internet|

I would like to receive information about how to overcome an addiction to social media. Dear Friend, Your request is a timely one, as this subject is a current topic of research around the world. Scientists, medical professionals, and even attorneys have a keen interest in this information, and academics in many fields debate whether the word “addiction” can be appropriately applied to people who have made significant changes in their daily lives in order [...]

Case 819


I have been living with a guy for three years, and we have a two-year-old daughter together.... About a year ago I reconciled with God, and I’ve been going to a church.... The problem is that, since I’m not married, I’m committing the sin of fornication and I don’t want to keep offending God by doing it. I have told my partner that we can’t continue living together.... He says that I’m a fanatic and [...]

Case 818

Marriage (Adultery/Infidelity), Social Media/Internet|

Three months ago I found out that my wife had been unfaithful to me.... We have a three-year-old daughter, so when my wife asked me to forgive her, I did and I told her that I would trust her again. But when I asked her to let me look at her social media accounts, she said no because that was private, and that my behavior was excessively toxic. What advice can you give me? Dear [...]

Case 817

Marriage (Indifference/Expression of Affection)|

I haven’t been in love with my husband for many years..... I was only important to him during our first years of marriage. But even though I felt that he didn’t love me, I always did everything possible to save my marriage, for his sake and for my children; but I just can’t do it anymore.... My husband was only committed to keeping food on the table. I had to figure out everything else... fighting [...]

Case 816

Abandonment of Spouse|

My wife was unfaithful to me, and it lasted almost a year. After eight years of marriage, I decided to split up with her because, even though I forgave her, she didn’t want to change. Instead, she continued the affair with the other guy. Now I don’t have anyone, but I’d like to remarry. I live with my two daughters, who are nine and twelve years old.... Would I be failing God if I were [...]

Case 815

Marriage (Conflicts/Insults)|

Recently my husband has become very irritable. Everything bothers him. Not long ago I was with my family, and I stayed overnight with my children. He was working, but when we returned the next day, he was furious, saying that he wasn’t the least bit important to us, as if we had abandoned him.... Now it upsets him for me to leave the house.... It seems unfair to me that I have to stay in [...]

Case 814


My brother... left home to start living with his girlfriend. I have told him that he should get married because having sexual relations outside of marriage is fornication, but he says that... if a document alone constitutes a marriage, why didn’t God make Adam and Eve sign a document? Besides, he prayed for God to bless their union, and since he is having sexual relations only with his girlfriend, that makes her his wife. Dear [...]