Adolescents (Discipline/Instruction/Care)

Case 754


A few months ago my elder daughter, who is twenty-five... told me that she was moving out to live on her own. Later I found out that she had a boyfriend and had been sleeping at his house. That broke my heart into pieces, and I didn’t see her or talk to her for several [...]

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Case 751


I am thirty-five and my daughter is eleven. Her mother and I broke up when she was three years old.... I have concentrated on my daughter and the conflicts after separating from her mother, so I have never gotten into a new relationship. But my daughter is beginning adolescence now, and she doesn’t want to [...]

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Case 697


I am fourteen years old, and my grandmother is the one who has raised me.... I have always been required to attend church, and now they want me to get baptized, but I don’t want to do it. I want to wait until I am sure about taking this important step in my life, but [...]

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Case 633


My family is made up of my wife and our eighteen-year-old daughter, who is in her last year of high school. Life with my wife has always consisted of heated arguments and bad words, Unfortunately, my daughter has had to live in that kind of environment, and I feel like she hates me.... I believe [...]

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Case 558


A few days ago, I found out that my fifteen-year-old daughter got some tattoos. For some time, she has had a rebellious attitude.... She has been cutting her arms, and I don’t know what to do nor how to discipline her. I have talked with her many times. I have counseled her and dedicated time [...]

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Case 541


I was abused by my husband of fifteen years. About eight months after our separation, I began a relationship with a married man. One time my oldest son, who is thirteen, found us kissing. That eventuated in my son going to live with his father, and he hasn’t wanted to see me since then. He [...]

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Case 533


I am a single mother. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for a year. He has a daughter and I have a son, both teenagers, and we have been living together as a family. A short time ago we found out that our two teenagers had an inappropriate encounter and, even though they didn’t go [...]

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Case 522


I have a son who is fifteen and who went to live with my parents. He doesn’t get along with the man who I live with and with whom I have a three-year-old daughter. My boyfriend doesn’t love my son nor my parents, and he speaks of them in an ugly way. I decided to [...]

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Case 490


I have three sons and a daughter. The oldest is nineteen, and he has turned out to be rebellious, having already graduated from high school. He didn’t want to study anymore, so he went away to work for six months. But they fired him because he was irresponsible, and now he doesn’t want to work [...]

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Case 479


I have a daughter who is almost fifteen who has a boyfriend who is almost eighteen years old. I don’t know if it is best to accept him, since she trusted me enough to tell me about it, even though the guy didn’t want her to tell us out of fear that we would not [...]

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