Radio Station Managers Write:

“All the programs are so excellent that even though our initial agreement was for six months, we’ve now celebrated our third anniversary! A night or day doesn’t pass that we don’t receive telephone calls from people interested in knowing more about the Lord, and referring to the program. . . . Our country is suffering a great deal, and people have a hunger for God. Thank you for not abandoning us. We are very sorry that we cannot send you an offering for the help you give us.” (Ibagué, Colombia)

“Many non-Christians have their first contact with the Gospel through the A Message to the Conscience® program. These people comment to us that the messages are a reflection of their personal, marital, and professional lives. This motivates them to want to know more about the Gospel. We try to direct them to a Christian Evangelical Church.” (Chimbote, Peru)

“We are very thankful to you that we are included among those who receive Hermano Pablo’s programs. They are excellent, as each has a profound spiritual message. Thank you, thank you very much, on behalf of our listeners and the friends of this cultural institution.” (Antofagasta, Chile)

Un Mensaje a la Conciencia [A Message to the Conscience] radio and television program has been a primary method of bringing God’s message of love and hope to millions of Spanish-speaking people for decades. This professional production is seen, heard or read throughout 30 countries of the Spanish-speaking world over 4,000 times per day.

Television Programming Directors Say:

“A Message to the Conscience is an excellent program. It contains messages that touch the hearts of our viewers. Many non-Christian people watch it and speak very well of Hermano Pablo, who is a celebrity in Honduras.” (Channel 57, Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

“A Message to the Conscience is very good at helping us think about how we have been living our lives. We appreciate receiving this very valuable program.” (TV 34, Ambato, Ecuador)

“The programs have great spiritual content. We have noticed the quality and care with which each theme is chosen. Our programming is directed toward youth and adults. Thank you for sending us A Message to the Conscience.” (Cultural Institute, Antofagasta, Chile)

“We believe that the message transmitted in each program is strategic and clear. Our Christian Department is very happy with the production of A Message to the Conscience.” (Santa Fe, Argentina)

Many TV and radio station managers and newspaper and magazine publishers have recognized the life-changing power of this widely-acclaimed program and have made it a priority feature for their readers and listeners.

Opportunities continue to come as God positions Hermano Pablo Ministries to uniquely reach the Spanish-speaking world.

Listeners Tell Us:

“I am happy to let you know that due to your television program (which I see every day at 5:30 a.m. on the Panamerican cable channel from Peru) I have received messages to my conscience which have enabled me to correct my past life–to such an extent that I now walk in the ways of Jesus Christ, my Savior. I am very happy for this and I want to thank you, my brother.” (From Zanoni G. in Colombia, South America)

Lucy G. writes, “Hermano Pablo, please don’t forget that I met Christ because of one of your ‘Message to the Conscience’ programs there in El Salvador over 20 years ago.”

Another friend, Hubert A. from Lima, Peru writes, “I know that I am one of the thousands who watch your evangelistic television program in my country. For all of them I want to express to you our appreciation for the spiritual and moral help that you so brilliantly broadcast.”

“I have listened to A Message to the Conscience for over two years. I am writing to congratulate you on your magnificient messages, for although they are short, they always have a great lesson to them. Through difficult times I have received strength from the messages, and little by little my faith in God has grown. I pray for you that the Lord will give you wisdom so that you can carry on this program that has blessed so many.”

“I am happy to tell you that due to your television program A Message to the Conscience, which I see every day at 5:30, the Lord has granted me the opportunity to change my old life. I am very joyful that I now follow the Lord Jesus Christ.”

This letter came from Costa Rica: “. . . you can’t imagine the blessing that your program is to me! When I am depressed I remember that you said that Satan is our accuser, and this encourages me once more. From your program I have received wise lessons that my father never gave me. I am very thankful.”