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Explore the past, the present, & the future

Take a glimpse into the past to meet a young couple who gave up the comforts of home to travel to El Salvador. Living on Corn Flakes and hiding their shoes from rats probably isn’t what Paul and Linda Finkenbinder expected when they left for the mission field.

Becoming well known throughout Latin America wasn’t ever in Paul and Linda’s dreams. That their evangelistic radio and television program, “A Message to the Conscience,” would ever be broadcast more than 4,000 times each day was also not in their dreams. And that stations throughout Latin America would donate more than 100 million dollars annually in airtime because of the popularity of the program would have seemed like a fantasy.

Telling the people about Jesus is what they dreamed of, and that’s exactly what they did. Through still and audiovisual media we will take you through those exciting times when this ministry got its humble beginning in El Salvador.

Now you can visit the mission field without leaving Southern California

Visit our working television and radio studios. Learn how programs are made.

Curious about radio and TV satellites, receivers and transmitters? We can give you some insight into this exciting arena of communication.

Some adult tours available while actual recording is taking place.

Some tours available for pastors and their families.