Case 740


I am sixty-seven years old and have been married more than forty years. I’ve made many mistakes that I’m sorry for, especially for having been unfaithful to my wife on several occasions. I’m aware of the harm that I’ve caused and of having hurt my wife, my daughters, and my son. I don’t want to [...]

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Case 660


I have belonged to a certain religion all of my life, but I don’t want to go back because some people there won’t take “no” for an answer. This bothers me a lot. To have a healthy relationship with God is it necessary to belong to a specific religion? Dear Friend, Religious groups and churches [...]

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Case 609


During my life I have seen so many human errors that I no longer have faith in humanity. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and I’m willing to do everything I should in order to follow His will.  However, I know I’m not perfect either and that I have my own faults, [...]

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Case 591


I fought in the civil war that unfortunately took place in my country.... When I returned home, I began to live a wild life of drunkenness, womanizing, and gambling, which caused problems in my marriage and suffering for my family.... For years I have believed that Jesus Christ is offering me the opportunity to change [...]

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Case 509


Please forgive me for the way I say this, but there comes a point when you don’t know what is right or what is wrong. Hearing your messages, I would feel and see a possible world where God is love and all who love God are new human beings, or at least that’s what you [...]

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Case 345


I have been married for nineteen years. I am a professional, and eight years ago my husband quit his job so that he could dedicate himself to a personal project.... I leave for my office, and he stays at home, supposedly working. He always complains that I work a lot and that I don’t dedicate [...]

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Case 332


I have been verbally and physically abused since the time of my marriage eighteen years ago.... When I met my husband, he was a deacon, and sometime later he became the pastor; but that didn’t stop him from beating me until I had bruises all over my body and was bleeding. One time I lost [...]

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Case 234


A few days ago I received death threats against my family and me, personally.... I was filled with doubts, fears, and mostly confusion, because I don’t go to church and I have completely neglected any relationship with God.... I am very confused with respect to religion. People of all religions believe that they are right, [...]

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Case 120


I saw a television commercial in which they offered a gold charm that was supposed to protect me from all bad things.... So I went to see a spiritual guide and told him that a fortuneteller had told me that I was born with bad luck.... The guide listened to me and suggested that I [...]

Case 1202024-04-12T12:28:21-07:00
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