Case 721


I have been living with my girlfriend for a long time and we have several children together. We have decided to get married, but she is Catholic, and I am Protestant. She suggests that we get married twice to avoid conflicts, once in each church, but I’m not so sure about that. What do you [...]

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Case 496


I met a girl two years ago, and we started to date.... Now that we have plans to get married, she says that each of us should go to the church of our own religion and practice what we learn, respecting the beliefs of the other.... She feels like I don’t respect her beliefs and [...]

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Case 497


I am twenty-five, and am in a relationship with a twenty-three-year-old man.... We love each other and have plans to get married; but I feel like it’s not yet time to do so, because we have always had problems in our relationship. He gets upset about things that I think are insignificant. For example, he [...]

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Case 405


I am a single woman in my thirties.... I have had some romantic relationships, but none leading to marriage. I would love to have a home and children, but I have not yet gotten the opportunity. I have been in love many times, but I always suffer because there is not a happy ending. I [...]

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Case 386


I am a forty-eight-year-old single man with no children. Two years ago I met a woman who is now fifty years old.... We love each other and want to get married, and she is willing to come and live in my country. The only problem is that I’m afraid she can’t have children at her [...]

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Case 324


I am a thirty-six-year-old single woman. I am not married and have no children.... Two years ago I fell in love with someone who is younger than I. He is twenty-five years old.... I am concerned about the age difference. He says he loves me, that he’s very aware of the age difference, and that [...]

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Case 328


I am twenty-five years old, a medical doctor, and from a Christian home. I met my current boyfriend three years ago. The problem is that he is a Muslim from Senegal. He is a wonderful guy, respectful, affectionate, and I know that he loves me. A month ago he asked me to marry him. When [...]

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Case 335


I have had a boyfriend for nine years, and I love him very much, which is why I think I put up with so much. I have had problems with his mother over insignificant issues. She meddles in his business all the time. He yelled at me in front of her, and disrespected me by [...]

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Case 285


I am twenty-four years old.... Seven months ago I had a romantic relationship.... I was faithful and respectful because I loved her a lot.... I like to be attentive and romantic with the person I love. Every day I read the Bible and other literary works, especially those written by Nobel Prize winners. I try [...]

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Case 276


My girlfriend and I intend to get married, but she asks me where we are going to live, and tells me that my salary isn’t enough, because she would like to have an apartment and a car. I tell her that we can have all we want if we both fight for it. And she [...]

Case 2762021-01-20T03:49:44-07:00
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