Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Deceipt/Distrust)

Case 783


I have had a girlfriend for the past seventeen months. Five months ago I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. We are planning to be married in December of this year. However, there is something that I keep worrying about, and that is that I lied to her when we were first [...]

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Case 699


I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years, but our relationship has been deteriorating because of his infidelities. A year ago, he met an older woman who promised to give him things like money, a business, and a car. He says that she knows about our relationship and that he wants to be with me, [...]

Case 6992023-02-14T20:57:37-07:00

Case 637


I am in a relationship with a guy... but six months ago I discovered messages with his best friend in which they were sending each other photos in a way that was very strange to me, and the friend referred to my boyfriend as a pretty boy. And one time when the three of us [...]

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Case 632


I am a twenty-nine-year-old medical doctor.... I met a guy who quickly started a romantic relationship with me. A week later I found out that he was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend, so I decided to end it. After four months of separation... he asked for another chance, saying that he wasn’t ready before, [...]

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Case 438


My girlfriend and I are both twenty-seven years old. A few days ago she confessed that on three occasions she kissed a guy who works where she does.... I am devastated because all of this time we have promised to be faithful to each other as if we were married.... She is sorry. She says [...]

Case 4382023-02-18T21:41:37-07:00

Case 433


I have had a girlfriend for almost a year, but she has had a difficult past that torments me. I love her, but very often I think about what she did. She was the lover of a much older man, and has a daughter from him, as well as two daughters from a man who [...]

Case 4332024-04-10T19:12:06-07:00

Case 298


I am eighteen years old, and the problem is that I am extremely jealous, so much so that I don’t want my girlfriend to leave the house for fear that others will see her. I know that it could be insecurity or mistrust, but knowing that she might be socializing with people much better than [...]

Case 2982024-04-10T21:30:13-07:00

Case 287


I’m a twenty-eight-year-old woman, and I had a boyfriend for five years. However, after that, he tricked me, and less than a month later he was already with another girl. He is still with her. I have fought to let him go in my heart, but I have a lot of fear that, because of [...]

Case 2872024-04-02T21:37:06-07:00

Case 206


Two years ago I broke up with my girlfriend. She was mixed up with her best friend, who happens to be a guy, and we broke off our relationship. It was very hard on me; but after three months we got back together, and she distanced herself from the other guy. Now she wants to [...]

Case 2062024-04-02T22:40:36-07:00

Case 105


I am twenty years old, and in just a few months I will be married.... For the past few months, my father has been having an affair with another woman.... I love my fiancé, but there is something that worries me from time to time. I have greatly distrusted my fiancé, and sometimes I feel [...]

Case 1052024-04-12T12:35:30-07:00
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