Case 807


For fifteen years I have been married to a man who is respectful, responsible, cultured, a hard worker, faithful, and for the past five years a good father. However, in spite of the fact that he says he loves me, he hasn’t shown support when I’ve need it the most. He has never been very [...]

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Case 733


Twenty years ago my husband lost his job, and we went through a time of great need. We had three children: a two-year-old girl, a one-year-old girl, and a newborn baby boy. I got very depressed, as my children were very active and demanding. In a moment of anger, I cursed my oldest daughter. Since [...]

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Case 614


What I wanted most in life was to have a wife who would be God’s will for me. But God didn’t give me the person [or, woman] that I chose, and I had to watch her be with another guy.... Some time after that, I started living in sin with a woman whom I felt [...]

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Case 547


I am twenty-nine years old and have fought to make my marriage work in spite of various difficulties. About fourteen months ago, my husband and I accepted Christ as our personal Savior, and that has been a big blessing in my home. My husband has changed a lot for the good, but there are still [...]

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Case 545


I am quick-tempered, and I know it. I get upset over anything that I feel offends me or I see is not right or fair. I raise my voice a lot when I am irritated. I do it because I think people will understand me that way. But the only thing I accomplish is to [...]

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Case 512


I am forty years old, but I have never felt fear like I do now.... I can’t explain it.... It builds up in my chest and makes me feel desperate, sad, and sometimes even want to cry. It’s something that really makes me uncomfortable, and I don’t understand it. I have prayed to God, but [...]

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Case 503


I have a son whose father left me for a younger woman at the time the child was born. Since then, even though I have a strong temperament and personality, I haven’t been the same again. I have struggled to be happy, not with another man but with my son and those around me, but [...]

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Case 497


I am twenty-five, and am in a relationship with a twenty-three-year-old man.... We love each other and have plans to get married; but I feel like it’s not yet time to do so, because we have always had problems in our relationship. He gets upset about things that I think are insignificant. For example, he [...]

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Case 477


I am a nineteen-year-old girl. I have had a “happy” life with good parents, good siblings, and a family that loves me.... I don’t have anything to complain about.... However, I have always tended to be envious, very resentful, and jealous.... but now that I am nineteen, I would like to change. I don’t want [...]

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Case 469


I am married to a wonderful man, flawed as any human being is, but with a very noble heart. We have been married for eight years, though separated for one month because of major problems in our relationship stemming from the fact that I am very aggressive. We got back together, and I changed for [...]

Case 4692024-04-02T21:25:50-07:00
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