Case 426


I am getting older, and I am still not married. The idea of having to keep living alone torments me and makes me ill. It is very bad for my mental health. I have even had thoughts of suicide.... I have spent years begging God for a woman.... Why is He doing this to me? [...]

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Case 431


I need help. I almost killed my one-year-old son. He wouldn’t stop crying, and I lost my mind: I wanted to strangle him. It’s not the first time that I have done it. I have abused my older children as well.... I have told my husband, and he says that it’s all going to pass, [...]

Case 4312021-01-20T02:16:40-07:00

Case 382


I am the result of a casual relationship between two single adults. My father has always rejected me. He is now married and has three children, who don’t love me because I was born before they came into his life. Everyone in the family recently found out about my existence, but they ignore me so [...]

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Case 381


Four years ago my husband fell in love with another woman and left me and our two children. I thought that he would change his mind and come back. However, he did not, but rather started a new family and forgot about us. That made me feel deeply frustrated and, in spite of all the [...]

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Case 348


I have an eleven-year-old daughter, and I am eight months pregnant. Tired of the fact that my daughter has been lying to me about her homework and tests for the entire year, I had a talk with her and told her that she has to do better. But two days ago I got fed up [...]

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Case 307


For years I have struggled with the memories of the arguments my parents used to have. My mother was the victim of my father’s temper and foul language.... I am now married and have three children, and have to admit that I have failed, in that I am repeating the same pattern with my wife. [...]

Case 3072021-01-20T03:39:45-07:00

Case 295


I work in a supermarket packing groceries. It is a temporary job while I am studying toward my university degree. Yesterday an obnoxious man started arguing with me about the way that I packed his groceries. I answered him back respectfully, but apart from who was right, the guy insulted me. My reaction was to [...]

Case 2952021-01-20T03:34:47-07:00

Case 237


Today I feel very badly, so very badly! I am the mother of two children, a daughter who is ten years old and a son who is two and a half. I punished and cruelly hit my daughter, and I don’t want to do it again. It was because she lied to me about her [...]

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Case 230


I am a twenty-eight-year-old man with hopes and dreams of having a family and a wife to love and respect in the way that God has taught a man to love his wife. I have a precious girlfriend that I met a little over a year ago.... When I was a child my mother abused [...]

Case 2302021-01-20T03:54:03-07:00

Case 208


For a long time I have had a character flaw. I get very angry when someone, even though he realizes he is wrong, will not admit it.... We all make mistakes, but why not say, “I’m sorry; I was wrong,” and then correct what we have done? It also makes me very angry when someone [...]

Case 2082021-01-20T04:08:10-07:00
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