Abandonment of Spouse

Case 779


My wife left me five years ago. We have a seventeen-year-old son who lives with me most of the time. I am a leader at my Christian church. I would like to make a fresh start. It seems impossible to get back together with my wife, even though I waited for her and told her [...]

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Case 718


Sixteen months ago, my wife decided to leave me. She said it was because she didn’t love me anymore... but I think it was more because... at that time I didn’t have a job and had no money to contribute toward our household expenses.... I changed my mobile number and haven’t spoken to her nor [...]

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Case 611


Two years ago, I married after four long years of courtship. At the time she was my friend, but now I feel that I don’t even know her. She left me for no reason at all and says that she wants a divorce. This is not the first time that this has happened. She also [...]

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Case 656


Two years ago, my wife left to live in another country. She met a guy there and had a romantic relationship with him. She later confessed this betrayal, and I forgave her, but I lost trust in her. Now she wants to divorce me for that man. I don’t want our marriage to be over, [...]

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Case 334


I am twenty-one years old. I got married when I was eighteen, and now I am falling in love with another girl that I met online. I left my wife and don’t want to go back to her. She is suffering a lot. Marriage is very important to her, and she says that she only [...]

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Case 329


I lost my job and had to leave the city where I was living.... I met a woman there who is twenty-five years younger than I am, and fell in love with her. I left my wife and moved in with the woman. We began a sexual relationship and now have a son who is [...]

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Case 311


I am the mother of an eight-year-old girl and a two-year-old baby. Another woman destroyed my home, and my attitude was to leave it all in the hands of God. I never held it against my husband... because he told me that he was happier with her and, even though I loved him, I respected [...]

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Case 228


I married a twenty-six-year-old guy.... We planned to live in another country... and we were going to get a work visa through me.... A short while ago he left me... and then I discovered that he planned to marry me because I could get his visa. Now he is living with another woman.... How is [...]

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Case 581


I am a twenty-seven-year-old married man.... Some months ago, I lost my wife because of my bad attitudes and decisions.... We have a three-year-old son, and... I’ve always wanted to make a home for him. But at this moment I have no contact with the boy’s mother. I ask God, first, that he will forgive [...]

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Case 580


My husband separated from me without giving me a reason and without leaving the house. He just moved into another bedroom. I have asked him why, but he won�t give me any answers.... I have accepted the separation, and I don�t even love him anymore, but I am fond of him because he is the [...]

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