Abandonment of Spouse

Case 311


I am the mother of an eight-year-old girl and a two-year-old baby. Another woman destroyed my home, and my attitude was to leave it all in the hands of God. I never held it against my husband... because he told me that he was happier with her and, even though I loved him, I respected [...]

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Case 228


I married a twenty-six-year-old guy.... We planned to live in another country... and we were going to get a work visa through me.... A short while ago he left me... and then I discovered that he planned to marry me because I could get his visa. Now he is living with another woman.... How is [...]

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Case 182


Three years ago my husband left home for another woman. We have two school-age children. My husband... doesn’t give me anything for them... even though he told me that he was going to help with the daily expenses.... Now I’m thinking of seeking child support. I had not wanted to resort to this, but it’s [...]

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Case 146


I’ve been married for eighteen years. I thought everything was going well, until my thirty-six-year-old wife met a twenty-four-year-old guy on the Internet, who worked in another country. They began to talk on the phone and my wife says that they fell in love. She says that she has never loved me and will never [...]

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Case 126


My husband left me for another woman, but then left her because she deceived him. I have worked hard to restore our marriage because I love him and because our son needs us to stay together, but my husband keeps rejecting me. My son needs him, but I can’t make my husband come back home. [...]

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Case 110


A year ago my husband left us for another woman.... Neither our twenty‑nine years of marriage, nor our children, nor our grandchild mattered to him. For twenty years we lived next door to my mother‑in‑law in a wooden shack in order to save for a better future, and now it is another woman who is [...]

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Case 27


I had it all! My dreams and aspirations had come true, and I had a wonderful family: a selfless, understanding, and supportive wife, and two children who filled my life with joy from the moment they were born. Nevertheless, I met another woman and fell in love with her. I got my hopes up in [...]

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Case 30


I was married for three years to a loving, respectful, responsible professional man... but our marriage got into a rut. I didn’t feel that I was growing as a person, so I decided we should get separated. Since then, I have been even more miserable. I have been with several other men, but those relationships, [...]

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