A year ago I met a man from another country…. He treats me very well and says nice things to me. In addition to being attentive, he is financially stable. I am married and have two children. My conversations with the man have all been by telephone because of the distance. However, I can tell that he is very interested in me, for he has talked to me about going to live in his country with my children to start a new family with him. He even wants to send me money so that I can save it or in case of any emergency that I might have.

Things are pretty tight financially for me right now… and I think that the money he is offering could help me. I would like your advice, especially since this situation has caused me to stray away from God.

Dear Friend,

We are glad that you ask for our advice, especially since you are on the verge of making an extremely dangerous decision.

Please visit message2conscience.com and read Case 401. The woman in that case found out that going to live with a man you only know from a distance may turn out very differently than you expect. Apparently you did meet this man in person one time, so you think that you know who he really is. But all you know about him is what he has told you.

There is another issue that is even more important to remember in your case: You are married! You may be having conversations with this man because of the nice things he says to you and the offers that he has made, but talking on the phone to him is like standing in the middle of a highway and hoping you don’t get hit by a car. Get off the highway! Don’t put yourself in the position to destroy your marriage and the lives of your children. Tell the man that you love your children too much to ruin their lives and that you will no longer be communicating with him in any way.

But you ask whether you should take the man’s money. No! Do not take his money! Money will obligate you to him in a way that will eventually destroy your marriage, whether that is your intention or not.

You say that this situation has made you stray away from God. That is what happens when you knowingly and deliberately violate the laws that God gave us to protect us. You may not have committed adultery with this man, but you certainly are not being faithful to your husband by talking about leaving him. You know in your heart that what you are doing is wrong, so when you choose to do it anyway, it is like telling God to get out of your business. Since God won’t force His will or His best on you, He will allow you to ruin your life and the lives of your children if that is what you choose. But we beg you not to do it!

We wish you the best,