Case 684


It may be that my mother loves me, but she doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her.... When I was twenty, I moved away to another city, but my family problems keep following me. My mother comes to visit several months of the year. My father and mother don’t love each other anymore. She [...]

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Case 665


A few months ago, I moved to another country to live with my father. I am twenty-two years old, and my parents divorced twenty years ago.... My father is now with another woman, but he continues to loathe my mother. Ever since I moved in with him... he has become very violent. He hasn’t actually [...]

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Case 629


Ten years ago, I asked my husband for a divorce because he emotionally abused me and made fun of me in front of other people.... After we were separated he said very cruel things about me, such as that I had been unfaithful to him. He remarried, but he has separated from that woman close [...]

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Case 566


I am thirty-nine years old. I love my boyfriend a lot, but he treats me very badly. He calls me the worst names that you can imagine. He shakes me violently... and never apologizes. I love him so much that I make up with him instead. I’ve tried to break up with him, but I [...]

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Case 557


I’ve lived my whole life walking on a tightrope with regard to my family of origin. In my house there has always been verbal abuse and sometimes even physical violence for as far back as I can remember. That’s why I’ve not yet decided to start my own family. I don’t think I’m ready, and [...]

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Case 548


I’m thirty-nine years old. Six months ago, I separated from my wife, and I am being unfaithful to her. Before that happened, she made life impossible for me with her children. She was a widow with four teenage kids who never accepted me, but rather treated me with contempt.... We had a daughter together... but [...]

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Case 541


I was abused by my husband of fifteen years. About eight months after our separation, I began a relationship with a married man. One time my oldest son, who is thirteen, found us kissing. That eventuated in my son going to live with his father, and he hasn’t wanted to see me since then. He [...]

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Case 518


When I was twelve years old, my parents got divorced because my father abused my mother so badly that a judge issued a restraining order preventing my father from coming to our house or seeing us. About three years ago, my father contacted me saying that he wanted to talk to me and meet my [...]

Case 5182021-01-20T01:38:44-07:00

Case 514


During my childhood I was sexually abused by various members of my family on numerous occasions. Every time I would tell my mother, she would tell me that I deserved it because I was a dirty girl and a liar. She would always make me think that I had imagined what had happened, as if [...]

Case 5142021-01-20T01:35:30-07:00

Case 484


My wife and I are about to separate because I have been unfaithful to her and have abused her physically. I am this way because my life has been very difficult. I have suffered many blows and am a hard person. Many times I have thought that God has abandoned me and I have no [...]

Case 4842021-01-20T01:50:55-07:00
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