Case 788


A few years ago, I beat my son, harshly punishing him. He was six years old, and when his mom saw the bruises, she reported me for child abuse. I was sentenced to six years in jail. This month, not having any information about my son, I went to his mom’s workplace to find out [...]

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Case 770


It all started when I was four years old. I remember my mother whipping me with a leather strap with such force that my legs would end up scarred.... The punishments were always severe, applied with rage and accompanied by threats and even rejection sometimes....   When I was alone, I would hurt myself physically, [...]

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Case 742


In my almost thirty years of life, I have had two romantic relationships, but both were disasters. I suffered humiliations, mockery, lies, and deception. After the last relationship, I went to therapy a couple of times.   Both men have moved on to new relationships, and... I can’t help feeling angry to see they’re apparently [...]

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Case 735


I have a brother whose wife left him because of physical and emotional abuse.... Now he’s living with another woman.... He is a macho manipulator....   Right now, both my brother and I live with my parents. All my life he has verbally abused me.... The last time he assaulted me physically. I have chosen [...]

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Case 684


It may be that my mother loves me, but she doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her.... When I was twenty, I moved away to another city, but my family problems keep following me. My mother comes to visit several months of the year. My father and mother don’t love each other anymore. She [...]

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Case 665


A few months ago, I moved to another country to live with my father. I am twenty-two years old, and my parents divorced twenty years ago.... My father is now with another woman, but he continues to loathe my mother. Ever since I moved in with him... he has become very violent. He hasn’t actually [...]

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Case 312


I am the father of a three-year-old son. Four months ago, his mother and I got separated because I was treating both of them badly. I was unfaithful to her over and over, and she got tired of the fact that I never changed, so she finally left me. I’m really sorry for all I [...]

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Case 335


I have had a boyfriend for nine years, and I love him very much, which is why I think I put up with so much. I have had problems with his mother over insignificant issues. She meddles in his business all the time. He yelled at me in front of her, and disrespected me by [...]

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Case 330


My case goes back to my childhood. When I was five years old I was raped many times, day after day, perhaps for a year. I don’t think my father ever knew, but everytime I remember, I am filled with guilt, bitterness, and the powerlessness of not being able to do anything about it.... I [...]

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Case 237


Today I feel very badly, so very badly! I am the mother of two children, a daughter who is ten years old and a son who is two and a half. I punished and cruelly hit my daughter, and I don’t want to do it again. It was because she lied to me about her [...]

Case 2372021-01-20T03:57:31-07:00
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