Case 541


I was abused by my husband of fifteen years. About eight months after our separation, I began a relationship with a married man. One time my oldest son, who is thirteen, found us kissing. That eventuated in my son going to live with his father, and he hasn’t wanted to see me since then. He [...]

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Case 518


When I was twelve years old, my parents got divorced because my father abused my mother so badly that a judge issued a restraining order preventing my father from coming to our house or seeing us. About three years ago, my father contacted me saying that he wanted to talk to me and meet my [...]

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Case 502


My partner hits me all the time for no reason. Yesterday he slapped me because I was at my friend’s house. He is embarrassed of me in front of other people, and he even had a relationship with another woman for a while. I don’t have any relative to confide in, and my mother died. [...]

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Case 494


I am a thirty-seven-year-old woman. I have been living with my boyfriend for three months. At first, everything was working out; but since then I have faced reality, and it seems like he has two personalities. When he’s angry, he yells at me, insults me, and humiliates me. It feels like he doesn’t love me, [...]

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Case 484


My wife and I are about to separate because I have been unfaithful to her and have abused her physically. I am this way because my life has been very difficult. I have suffered many blows and am a hard person. Many times I have thought that God has abandoned me and I have no [...]

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Case 431


I need help. I almost killed my one-year-old son. He wouldn’t stop crying, and I lost my mind: I wanted to strangle him. It’s not the first time that I have done it. I have abused my older children as well.... I have told my husband, and he says that it’s all going to pass, [...]

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Case 392


I have been married for two years. Ten months ago, my husband started verbally and psychologically abusing me. Four months ago I left him. We have a five-month-old child. Recently my husband has been contacting me to say that he has changed.... He has been treating me differently, and during our time apart he has [...]

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Case 380


I resent my father very much because he is the most cruel man that I have ever known. He hurts my mother both physically and psychologically. He is an alcoholic, and he uses hurtful and obscene language. I have hated and resented him all my life for all the things he has done to us, [...]

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Case 366


My father’s aggressive behavior during my childhood harmed me to such a great extent that now I have problems with my speech and in my nervous system. He treated my siblings, my mother, and me very badly. Now that I’m a teenager, I’m supporting him, with no hard feelings for the harm that he did [...]

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Case 349


About a month ago, my father slapped me for not giving him the TV remote control. Everyone in the family was upset about it, and since that day I have not spoken to him. I don’t know what to do. I want to forgive him, but every time our paths cross, I can’t say even [...]

Case 3492024-04-10T20:50:14-07:00
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