Adult children

Case 781


I have a grandson that I raised like a son because his parents abandoned him.... I love him with all my heart.... He has always told me that he would still be a virgin when he got married.... But two weeks ago I found a negative pregnancy test in his bedroom.... I confronted him, and [...]

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Case 777


I am forty-seven, married, and have three children. My eldest daughter, who is twenty-three and is about to finish her professional degree, is pregnant and has never introduced us to the father of the child. It is difficult for us as a Christian couple to know how to deal with this situation.... We thought we [...]

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Case 754


A few months ago my elder daughter, who is twenty-five... told me that she was moving out to live on her own. Later I found out that she had a boyfriend and had been sleeping at his house. That broke my heart into pieces, and I didn’t see her or talk to her for several [...]

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Case 723


I am twenty-four years old, and I live with my parents. I have deep sadness in my heart because of my mother.... She got very angry because I didn’t become a doctor, and she compares me with my younger sister, who was able to finish her degree program before I did.   I have fallen [...]

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Caso 689


I have a seventeen-year-old son who says that he is an atheist. He participates in prayer and religious activities with the family, letting us know that he does it out of respect for us, even though he doesn’t believe in any of it.... I’m not sure if we should continue asking him to participate, or [...]

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Case 682


My thirty-one-year-old daughter lives with me and has an eight-month-old baby girl. The father of the baby lives in a dream world, is violent, and has addictions. My daughter has become emotionally dependent on him.... I am anxious because I don’t know when he might suddenly turn violent, hitting her and humiliating her with ugly [...]

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Case 675


I have a twenty-three-year-old daughter. She is the product of forbidden love with a man who has a wife and two children.... I was always very careful that no one find out about us. He has been financially responsible for my daughter, and gave her his last name, but has not been with her all [...]

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Case 331


My husband and I have two children, a nineteen-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter. My son came home drunk. I served his dinner, and he began to eat with his hands. I brought it to his attention and he reacted badly, to the extent that he wanted to attack me. My husband told him to [...]

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Case 282


I have a twenty-two year old son. He’s a good kid. The problem is that he moved out a few months ago, and I just found out that he is living with a thirty-year-old woman. She has four children, all from different fathers. Now my son came to me saying that she is expecting a [...]

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Case 283


I am a father who, together with my wife, has worked very hard. Our nineteen-year-old son is causing us a lot of problems, and we don’t know what to do. He got a job, but fell in with unsavory friends who convinced him to steal merchandise from the store where he was working, resulting in [...]

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