Adult children

Case 149


I have two sons, ages eighteen and sixteen, from my first marriage.... Both their father and their stepfather see only their shortcomings.... As a result, I have wanted to give them all the things that I never had—love, friendship, respect, and material possessions—, but I believe that I made a mistake with my oldest son. [...]

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Case 164


I live with my wife in her house along with our two children and her other two children. The problem is that we found out that her oldest son is a thief, but I can’t discipline him. In addition, two weeks ago he tried to sexually abuse his younger brother. Their mother knows about everything [...]

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Case 623


My continuous battle has been with my twenty-three-year-old daughter, who will not agree to help around the house. She is an excellent student... but we have constant conflicts because she doesn’t want to do anything except wash her clothes and clean her room. When I ask her to remove her plate from the table, wash [...]

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Case 596


Our only son is twenty years old and is very rebellious.... He dropped out of the university three times, disappointing us and causing us to lose money. He prefers his deadbeat friends and bad habits, and one time he even hit me. My husband and I became very scared of him.... I got to the [...]

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Case 578


My daughter is almost twenty-two years old, but I don’t want her to go out with her friends nor her boyfriend, nor to stay out all night. I have gone to the extreme of threatening her and asking her to move out of my house, though I then wished I hadn’t. I don’t want to [...]

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Case 560


I am fifty-six years old. I got married when I was seventeen and we had four children.... My husband was always unfaithful to me. My children grew up, and I got a divorce when they were teenagers. I worked very hard at up to four jobs at a time so that my children could become [...]

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Case 554


I have three children. My oldest daughter, who is twenty..., has stopped studying and doesn’t want to continue. She feels like she’s being forced to study. When she stays out all night, I can’t rest. I am worried and am praying that nothing happens to her. On numerous occasions I’ve attempted to go and pick [...]

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Case 509


Please forgive me for the way I say this, but there comes a point when you don’t know what is right or what is wrong. Hearing your messages, I would feel and see a possible world where God is love and all who love God are new human beings, or at least that’s what you [...]

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Case 478


I have a twenty-six-year-old daughter who is in her third year at the university. She wants to marry her boyfriend, who is twenty-five and has already graduated with a bachelor’s degree, but his job is not stable. He says that he will pay for her continued education and everything else that she needs. I say [...]

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Case 448


My question is whether I should make a legal claim against my father so that he will have to pay for my studies. According to the law, if a child lives separately from his father, he can make a legal claim for payment of schooling until the child is a certain age. I feel badly [...]

Case 4482023-02-18T21:48:36-07:00
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