Adult children

Case 164


I live with my wife in her house along with our two children and her other two children. The problem is that we found out that her oldest son is a thief, but I can’t discipline him. In addition, two weeks ago he tried to sexually abuse his younger brother. Their mother knows about everything [...]

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Case 149


I have two sons, ages eighteen and sixteen, from my first marriage.... Both their father and their stepfather see only their shortcomings.... As a result, I have wanted to give them all the things that I never had—love, friendship, respect, and material possessions—, but I believe that I made a mistake with my oldest son. [...]

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Case 70


I have a thirty-year-old daughter who was widowed and left alone with two daughters. After her husband passed away, her father and I asked her to move into our house... because we wanted to help her out. Four years have passed, and my daughter is still living at home with us. Although she is no [...]

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