Case 811


Some time back I prayed that God would help me not to be obsessed with a girl and that I would not continue to sin by viewing pornography, but then I would end up sinning by doing those very things.... I have sinned so much against God, as a follower of Christ, that lately I [...]

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Case 753


I had an excellent relationship with God. Every day I would pray when I got up in the morning and again before I went to bed. But as time went by, everything changed because I moved to the city on account of work. From that moment on I left the church.... My life has gone [...]

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Case 714


I have three wonderful children and a beautiful family, but I aborted three babies and I am sorry about that every day.... I was selfish and stubborn, and I prioritized my professional goals without noticing that I lost my heart in the process. Because of the shame I felt I did not come back to [...]

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Case 559


Not long ago I decided to let Christ take control of my life, but since then I have experienced an avalanche of confrontations in my home. My wife discovered that I had been unfaithful, and she is now distant. I love my home. I have left the other woman, but she won’t leave me in [...]

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Case 391


I am thirty years old. This year has been very difficult. Actually, my whole life has been difficult.... I was abused from a very early age, the sexual abuse by a family member until I was fifteen. As long as I can remember, I have lived a bad and dirty life.... I feel like [...]

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Case 389


I was married for almost twenty years. I got involved several times with married women, and they ended up getting divorced from their husbands. As a result, my own marriage ended. I also had sexual relations that were a high risk to my health and my emotional stability... which now affect my mind, my soul, [...]

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Case 368


I have been married for fourteen years. During thirteen of those years I was faithful to my husband, but in the last year I was unfaithful with two individuals at the same time.... During this time I have been very anxious because I know that the punishment for sin is death.... My husband now knows [...]

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Case 297


I don’t know if God can forgive me. It’s my second abortion, and what’s more, for over a year I have been cheating on my husband with a married man. I know that my behavior is not pleasing to God. That’s why I’m asking if God can forgive me, since I knew it was [...]

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Case 293


I don’t know why I’m not able to trust in God. I think that maybe He won’t answer me. At times I have even doubted His existence, and haven’t been able to grasp that what the Bible says is also true for my life.... My lack of confidence in God, my fears, and the [...]

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Case 249


I slit my wrists and took pills. I did it in front of my husband, and was hospitalized.... After getting out, I became severely depressed, blaming myself and believing that God was going to punish me by striking me dead for real and sending me to hell. Since then, not a day goes by [...]

Case 2492024-05-13T21:33:33-07:00
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