I had an excellent relationship with God. Every day I would pray when I got up in the morning and again before I went to bed. But as time went by, everything changed because I moved to the city on account of work. From that moment on I left the church….

My life has gone from bad to worse. I try not to sin… but then I sin anyway. Before long, I start doing a lot of things that God hates. At times… I think that God will not forgive me. Now I don’t even have the desire to pray, nor to read the Bible. I feel like I’m going to hell. Help me! What can I do? I want to change and get back to God.

Dear Friend,

You are not alone! We understand what you are going through and we want to help. Many other people have had the same experience as you, but they were able to find their way back to God.

You had a routine that included your personal communication with God along with church attendance with others who inspired and challenged you in your spiritual life. But then your routine was upended, and you found yourself in a new place with new routines. You no longer had the support of a church community, so it was easy to neglect your old routines and your communication with God.

Many years ago Hermano Pablo, in order to help us understand faith better, taught that our personal relationship with God is like a magnet. The closer we get to God, the stronger the attraction toward God. When we read and listen to God through the Bible, being mindful to thank Him for all our blessings, and we pray regularly, meditating on his grace and love, we feel His presence. On the other hand, when we don’t do those things, the attraction grows weaker and we begin to feel lost and abandoned, and wonder where God went.

We have good news for you! God heard the cry of your heart long before you expressed your feelings to us, and He has been waiting for you to reach out to Him. No matter what you have done, God will forgive you. We know that because the Apostle John taught that “if we confess our sins, [God] is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1) Did you notice that little word, “all?” He will forgive you for all your sins.

Set some small goals and begin to fulfill those goals today. Ask and receive God’s forgiveness, and then express your gratitude to Him in prayer. Next, look for a church where the people love God and where you can be strengthened and motivated. Read the Psalms and notice especially the prayers of King David, who committed adultery and murder when he got away from God for a while. Each day, focus on one Bible verse that reminds you of God’s faithfulness.

We wish you well,

1 1Jn 1:9 (NIV)