Singleness / Solitude

Case 803


I am a thirty-six-year-old woman who feels totally empty and forgotten. It is embarrassing to admit that at my age I have never had a romantic relationship. I have never been kissed, and I feel guilty about that. I think that if I had been a person who enjoys going out, dancing, [and having a [...]

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Case 751


I am thirty-five and my daughter is eleven. Her mother and I broke up when she was three years old.... I have concentrated on my daughter and the conflicts after separating from her mother, so I have never gotten into a new relationship. But my daughter is beginning adolescence now, and she doesn’t want to [...]

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Case 741


I’ve been feeling very depressed lately. I have a job that pays me well, but I don’t have time for myself. I’d like to have time to go out, have a boyfriend, and start a family, but I am afraid because there are no good men anymore. I need to have my own family. I’d [...]

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Case 730


I am thirty-eight years old and I just ended a romantic relationship that lasted almost a year without having a child. I wanted to have at least one child who would bring me happiness, and to do everything in my power to give that child everything that a child needs....   Thankfully I have a [...]

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Case 630


I ask God for a wife, but every woman that I like is not attracted to me. How can I find the one who will be my wife? Dear Friend, Thank you for asking this important question. There are many people who may be interested in the advice that we have for you. When you [...]

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Case 528


I am the single mother of a four-year-old daughter, and I live in my mother’s house.... Labor conditions in my country have kept me from getting a good job in spite of the fact that I am a professional.... What makes it more difficult is that I don’t have anyone to take care of my [...]

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Case 493


I have not been able to have a stable relationship. It always ends badly and I end up discouraged. I give it all I’ve got, and then I have a hard time getting back up and starting over again. If it weren’t for God, I would not still be alive, because I know that He [...]

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Case 464


I am a sixteen-year-old girl. I am very timid and I don’t have any friends. This started four years ago.... All my friends distanced themselves from me, and now I am alone. Sometimes I cut myself. I hurt myself, but I don’t want to continue doing that.... I wasn’t like that before. I was very [...]

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Case 445


I am a single mother who will be forty in a few months. My son is ten and is a great kid. But even though I enjoy his company very much, every day I feel lonely and unhappy for not having a house and a home for him. I would have liked to do things [...]

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Case 426


I am getting older, and I am still not married. The idea of having to keep living alone torments me and makes me ill. It is very bad for my mental health. I have even had thoughts of suicide.... I have spent years begging God for a woman.... Why is He doing this to me? [...]

Case 4262023-10-16T20:33:10-07:00
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