Case 771


I am thankful to God for my job, but lately the stress is eating me up. I feel like I am being burdened down with too much work. I spoke to my boss, but he is not at all understanding.   I don’t sleep enough, and even my temperament is changing.... My studies cost a [...]

Case 7712023-02-27T22:21:58-07:00

Case 748


I have a job with a great salary and benefits.... Furthermore, it is related to my college career. The problem is that the other employees have bad habits, use curse words and gossip about their coworkers.... My boss is a woman who treats me very badly because I don’t act like everyone else. She screams [...]

Case 7482023-02-14T20:47:04-07:00

Case 715


I am thirty-two years old, happily married, and we have one child. I work all day long. My salary provides for many things, but unfortunately the work is very demanding. I have little time left to spend with my child and my wife. I want to quit my job to be able to spend more [...]

Case 7152023-02-14T20:55:34-07:00

Case 709


I am thirty-one. I was working at a job with a toxic environment that caused me to suffer from depression and chronic anxiety.... So I resigned and was out of work for two weeks. Now I have a better and more peaceful job that also pays better. However, the trauma I suffered because of that [...]

Case 7092023-02-14T20:56:30-07:00

Case 667


For a while I’ve been feeling that I’m being treated unjustly at work. Several detrimental decisions have been made regarding my work, which I believe are due to my having responded honestly, and negatively, on a survey about my boss’ interaction and communication with me. I’ve been a good worker, I never miss a day, [...]

Case 6672021-07-21T18:26:05-07:00

Case 654


I’ve had to stay at home for several months because of the pandemic. I’m thankful to God that I’ve been able to work remotely and continue to support my family, but I feel depressed about my current work situation. I feel like I’m inept in my everyday activities. I think that others see me as [...]

Case 6542024-03-17T22:14:12-07:00

Case 501


I fear what life has to offer. I see my parents get up each morning at five and return home each night at eight.... I see them worn out almost always and with no time for anything. That’s what I’m afraid of: having to live that kind of life. Every day when I wake up [...]

Case 5012024-04-09T21:05:45-07:00

Case 499


I work in the maintenance of vehicles for a non-profit organization. I’ve been doing this for seven years, but recently I’ve felt powerless when the vehicles are authorized for use by people who damage them. When I don’t give authorization, these people go to my superior to get permission to use them. I have thought [...]

Case 4992024-04-10T18:47:48-07:00

Case 452


I am almost thirty-five years old. I am currently living with my mother because I haven’t been able to find a job. My mother suffers from depression.... For as long as I can remember, she has never supported me in anything.... When I look for a job and an opportunity presents itself, she always makes [...]

Case 4522023-06-08T16:09:09-07:00

Case 434


I am married and have a two-year-old daughter and a ten-month old son.... I quit work, and now I just stay at home.... My husband earns plenty, but I am tired of staying home all day. I know it is a blessing to be able to take care of my own children, but I am [...]

Case 4342023-02-18T21:43:24-07:00
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