For a while I’ve been feeling that I’m being treated unjustly at work. Several detrimental decisions have been made regarding my work, which I believe are due to my having responded honestly, and negatively, on a survey about my boss’ interaction and communication with me.

I’ve been a good worker, I never miss a day, and I’ve even stopped reporting overtime after working extra hours. I have always done my job with painstaking care and dedication. But now I’m worried because I’m afraid I’ll be transferred to another province. I need some advice from you.

Dear Friend,

We commend you for being such a dedicated and conscientious worker, and we understand your concern for having been truthful on a survey about your boss. In a perfect world, you would not be punished for simply telling the truth. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and there are sometimes negative consequences for being honest. On occasion this is because of corrupt management, and other times it is due to the insecurity of supervisors. However, if your words were respectful and your motives were pure, then you have nothing to be ashamed of.

We find ourselves often being asked to evaluate products or services that we have received. When the surveys are anonymous and the intent is genuine, those evaluations can be very helpful to consumers and to the companies.

Your situation is not a case of right and wrong. Because you say that you are already honorable in all your dealings, we can’t give you any other specific advice based on Biblical principles. However, we can tell you that there is a way to stop living with so much anxiety and fear.

We have found that when we put ourselves in God’s hands and trust Him with our very lives, He always has a plan for us, even when it isn’t what we would have expected. We could tell you about many times in our lives when we ended up living in places that we never would have imagined. But in every case, when we have looked back, we have been able to see that God was working behind the scenes and that we were better off in some way as a result.

We are not saying that trusting God is like a magic pill that will make all your troubles go away. If that were so, every person would take that magic pill because of what they could gain from it. Instead, trusting God is accepting the fact that He loves us and that He will always take care of us in every situation. Even though we don’t deserve forgiveness for all the ways that we have sinned, God will forgive us because His Son, Jesus Christ, paid the penalty for all our sin by dying on the cross. Once we have accepted His forgiveness and made Him Lord of our lives, we can experience life to the full in spite of our circumstances.

We wish you well,