Case 432


Eight years ago I became a follower of Christ, but I made some bad decisions and stopped following Him. A year ago I renewed my relationship with Him as my Lord, and since that time I’ve made changes in my life that have been very good for me and my family. I have a small [...]

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Case 409


Up to what point do you have to keep obeying the commandment to honor your father and mother? My father has a business and, because of his poor life choices, he ended up owing back taxes.... He started another business, and put it in my name without even consulting me.... The same issues began once [...]

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Case 371


I work in a hardware store that my dad owns. I like this kind of work, but there are some things that make me very uncomfortable, since there have been occasions when my dad has bought stolen merchandise.... And he doesn’t pay all the taxes that are required for his sales.... I feel like I [...]

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Case 296


I have been dating my boyfriend for eleven years and we have plans to get married next year. But in the last few months since we took our relationship to the next level we have had a problem, which is that my boyfriend is very dedicated to his work and doesn’t spend enough time with [...]

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Case 295


I work in a supermarket packing groceries. It is a temporary job while I am studying toward my university degree. Yesterday an obnoxious man started arguing with me about the way that I packed his groceries. I answered him back respectfully, but apart from who was right, the guy insulted me. My reaction was to [...]

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Case 277


I work at a government institution... and through hard work I have been able to get ahead to the point of becoming the supervisor of a department. My wife... has told me that I should resign this position and go back to being a clerk, since I’ve had to work on some occasions until late [...]

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Case 269


I work for a company as the secretary of the manager. For some time my boss has been saying things to me that I don’t believe are right. One day he hugged me and forcibly touched me. I felt so bad! I thought about my husband, but I don’t want to tell him yet.... It [...]

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Case 266


I am thirty-three years old and up until a month ago I had an excellent job that enabled me to support my wife, my children, and my parents. But the downside of the job was that it was outside of the country and I had to go six months at a time without seeing my [...]

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Case 240


I had a good childhood, though we didn’t have much materially.... Now I am a professional, and I have a good job, a good husband, and a beautiful daughter who just turned two. We stagger our schedules so that we can take care of her. My boss commutes daily from another city, and now he [...]

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Case 235


I have been married for five years. My husband and I are both professionals, but we have never been able to find jobs in our area of specialization. I feel disillusioned with my husband because he is apathetic and hasn’t come up with anything. He is very good, loving, and helps a lot in the [...]

Case 2352021-01-20T03:56:35-07:00
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