I am thankful to God for my job, but lately the stress is eating me up. I feel like I am being burdened down with too much work. I spoke to my boss, but he is not at all understanding.
I don’t sleep enough, and even my temperament is changing…. My studies cost a great deal, and I was able to find a job within my profession. But I don’t want to get sick…. I not only work hard all day, but even take work home with me. In my country the economic situation is very difficult. That’s why I strive to do my job the best that I can, but sometimes my strength runs out.

Dear Friend,
Many people will identify with your situation. People who do their jobs well usually find that supervisors assign more and more work to them. But then, if they don’t or can’t get all the work done, there is the chance that the boss will give the position to someone else. This always causes a great deal of stress, as you describe.
Stress is the reaction that our bodies and brains have when confronting change or challenges. But each person’s body reacts differently, based on factors such as their coping style, their past experiences, and their world view.
Champion swimmers who fall out of a boat probably laugh and joke as they get back on board, while people who fall out and can’t swim experience panic, an accelerated heart rate, and difficulty breathing. Though they may each fall out of the same boat, their brains and their bodies react in a completely different way.
The people who panic may decide to never go near a boat again, which is an unhealthy coping mechanism of avoidance. On the other hand, they may decide to take swimming lessons, which is a healthy coping style of identifying the problem and taking steps to correct it.
From what you tell us, your body and brain are reacting strongly to the stress of too much work, so you are right to be concerned about the effects it is having on them. A professional counselor could help you to explore your options.
We also recommend that you read articles on the Internet about the benefits of deep breathing and how to practice it. Deep breathing exercises have been shown to reduce stress.(1)
Those of us who have a personal relationship with God tell Him our problems in prayer. We believe that He gives us wisdom and clarity to take the next step. In addition, when we trust God, He gives us internal peace. In fact, His Son Jesus Christ said, “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”(2)
We wish you well,
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Online 16 February 2023.
            2 Mt 11:28 (GNT)