Case 767


For the past three years I have been in a relationship with an extraordinary woman that I intend to marry. Recently I went with some friends to an erotic club.... A girl who worked there offered me a private dance that involves touching her, and I did it.... But I did not have sexual relations [...]

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Case 677


I am a married man, and I feel very guilty before God because I failed Him. I committed adultery, and it caused a pregnancy; but we decided that the child would never be born. I would like for you to tell me how I can get God’s forgiveness for having sinned, knowing the truth, and [...]

Case 6772023-02-14T21:01:22-07:00

Case 664


My wife and I have been separated for two years. We have a two and a half-year-old daughter. It hurts when I visit my daughter and have to leave her again to return to my own home. I have wanted God to change my heart and help me not to feel resentment and unforgiveness. But [...]

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Case 338


I am thirty years old, and I think that since childhood I have always been able to accomplish anything that I set my mind to. The downside is that sometimes, when playing games, I tried to take advantage of others by making up “fuzzy” rules, confusing the other players into compliance. Today, as I look back, I [...]

Case 3382021-01-20T03:27:43-07:00

Case 336


I did some very bad things on Facebook that I am sorry for. I lost the trust of my parents as well as some other people. Now I want to regain their trust. I already closed my Facebook account, but my parents still don’t trust me. I am a fifteen-year-old girl, and now is when [...]

Case 3362021-01-20T03:26:41-07:00

Case 312


I am the father of a three-year-old son. Four months ago, his mother and I got separated because I was treating both of them badly. I was unfaithful to her over and over, and she got tired of the fact that I never changed, so she finally left me. I’m really sorry for all I [...]

Case 3122021-01-20T03:05:17-07:00

Case 255


I am twenty years old. When I was seventeen, I got pregnant with my first boyfriend and I had an abortion. I fell into a deep depression, blaming myself for my moral failure and my cowardice. A year later... I asked for forgiveness from God, my child, my ex-boyfriend, his mother and my mother, and [...]

Case 2552021-01-20T03:41:21-07:00

Case 229


My girlfriend cheated on me, and I found photos of her doing improper things with another guy. But she didn’t know that I had the photos, and I uploaded them to the Internet so that everyone, including her classmates, could see what she did. I hurt her... and now I’m sorry. Dear Friend, The Internet [...]

Case 2292021-01-20T03:53:38-07:00

Case 187


We have now been married for seven years and have a six-year-old daughter.... For years... my husband and I were in an abusive relationship and our daughter was witness to all of it. When she was just three years old, she would sometimes beg us to stop fighting, but we just yelled at her and [...]

Case 1872021-01-20T04:23:48-07:00

Case 165


I want to open my heart to Christ, but I don’t know how to do it. If I do it, I don’t know if I’ll be doing it right. I’m trying not to say bad words or see bad things. I want you to advise me as to what I can do so that Christ [...]

Case 1652021-01-20T04:38:43-07:00
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