Case 677


I am a married man, and I feel very guilty before God because I failed Him. I committed adultery, and it caused a pregnancy; but we decided that the child would never be born. I would like for you to tell me how I can get God’s forgiveness for having sinned, knowing the truth, and [...]

Case 6772021-07-28T11:53:41-07:00

Case 664


My wife and I have been separated for two years. We have a two and a half-year-old daughter. It hurts when I visit my daughter and have to leave her again to return to my own home. I have wanted God to change my heart and help me not to feel resentment and unforgiveness. But [...]

Case 6642021-07-20T16:37:52-07:00

Case 628


I never got along well with my wife because of her bad temper and mine, which is just as bad. We argued a lot. I made the mistake of complaining about my wife to my son from the time he was about ten years old. I said bad things about her, and he just listened, [...]

Case 6282021-01-20T00:15:05-07:00

Case 594


I was brought up in a Christian home, but I can’t remember if I ever accepted Christ in my heart when I was young.... At the time I didn’t feel genuine repentance in my heart, I didn’t fear God, I had a bad attitude about going to church, and I was rebellious and proud.... I [...]

Case 5942021-01-20T00:29:38-07:00

Case 591


I fought in the civil war that unfortunately took place in my country.... When I returned home, I began to live a wild life of drunkenness, womanizing, and gambling, which caused problems in my marriage and suffering for my family.... For years I have believed that Jesus Christ is offering me the opportunity to change [...]

Case 5912021-01-20T00:57:00-07:00

Case 507


Three years ago, I was involved in an adulterous affair. My wife forgave me, and... I cut off all communication with the other woman. I have two children who are ten and four years old. I don’t know if I should tell my children about that period of my life, nor when would be the [...]

Case 5072021-01-20T02:00:17-07:00

Case 437


I live with my mother and stepfather. Eight months ago I began taking inappropriate pictures of myself and sending them to my stepfather’s two brothers. Someone saw the photos on their mobile phones and told my parents about them. It’s not the first time that I’ve done something like this. I was raped by my [...]

Case 4372021-01-20T02:19:25-07:00

Case 425


I am fifteen years old, and one night when there was a party I went to a friend’s house without my parents’ knowing that I was gone. From there I left with a boy in his car, but nothing happened. He is a friend from school, and we just went for a ride.... I got [...]

Case 4252021-01-20T02:13:54-07:00

Case 389


I was married for almost twenty years. I got involved several times with married women, and they ended up getting divorced from their husbands. As a result, my own marriage ended. I also had sexual relations that were a high risk to my health and my emotional stability... which now affect my mind, my soul, [...]

Case 3892021-01-20T02:46:11-07:00

Case 387


When I was thirteen, I rebelled and strayed away from God. I committed a lot of sins. One of them was to bring a daughter into the world, and another was to have an abortion. Now I am sorry, but it is too late.... I was really bad off and had plans to commit suicide, [...]

Case 3872021-01-20T02:44:51-07:00
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