I met a man… and over the next days and months a relationship developed…. One day he confessed to me that he was in the process of getting a divorce. He said that he loved me, but that he needed some time. As the days passed, everything changed.

I started having mental and psychological struggles. Someone told me that I should get help from psychics, so I did. I gave them personal information and they defrauded me. They threatened that they would tell everything to the man that I was involved with, and they did…. Now he doesn’t want to see me anymore.

I’ve asked for God’s forgiveness, but I’m ashamed for having let myself be duped by dishonest people, and I feel guilty.

Dear Friend,

It sounds like you have been through a difficult time. You were under a great deal of stress and you were vulnerable. That caused you to make an unwise decision that you might not have made if you had been emotionally healthy at the time.

Everyone of us must expect that sooner or later we will face circumstances that will render us emotionally weak, with the effect of not being able to think clearly. Those who don’t anticipate these difficulties will let their emotions overrule reason, and that almost always leads to unpleasant consequences. But those who trust God and His will for their lives have no need to visit psychics.

You obviously didn’t know that psychics and fortune tellers are experts at tricking vulnerable people. They know how to use the personal information that a client reveals in order to confuse, manipulate, extort, and threaten. Yes, you feel ashamed and feel guilty for not having recognized what they were doing to you, but you have asked for God’s forgiveness and that is the best thing that you could do. The Apostle John wrote, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1) You confessed; God forgave you. Now any guilt you feel is just a reminder of how you can prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again.

Getting involved with a man who is still married was a very risky thing to do. Until his marriage has been dissolved by the court, he is not free to date you and certainly not free to say that he loves you. A wise and rational decision would have been for you to terminate the relationship the instant that you found out that he was still married. By dating him anyway, you set yourself up for all of this to happen.

However, blaming yourself is not helpful. Instead, think about ways that you are vulnerable and plan how you can avoid this heartache in the future. Seek God’s plan for your life. He will never defraud you or leave you.

We wish you well,

1 1 Jn 1:9