Parental Responsibility

Case 797


My ex-wife and I have a daughter together. I had to get a divorce from her because she physically and emotionally abused me. She already had four children, and I tried to give them what I could; but they were all teenagers and never accepted me.... They made my life impossible, to the extent that [...]

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Case 718


Sixteen months ago, my wife decided to leave me. She said it was because she didn’t love me anymore... but I think it was more because... at that time I didn’t have a job and had no money to contribute toward our household expenses.... I changed my mobile number and haven’t spoken to her nor [...]

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Case 706


I have never gotten married nor had children of my own, but I take care of my nieces and nephews as if they were my children. That is because their parents are irresponsible and love to party. The father is an alcoholic, and the mother doesn’t have the least bit of affection for them. Neither [...]

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Case 702


Eight years ago, after living with a woman I ended it and went back to my wife. But I was such a horrible person that I left the woman pregnant. And more than four years ago she died unexpectedly.... Now I realize that, besides being a horrible person, I don’t deserve to live. I have [...]

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Case 674


One of my cousins seduced me and, even though I was afraid, we ended up having physical relations. Two days ago, she told me that she is pregnant, but I already have a girlfriend. What should I do? Dear Friend, From the anonymous information that you have given us about yourself, we believe that you [...]

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Case 648


I am twenty-eight, and I have a son who is two and a half. I live with my son’s mother.... At first, she seemed like a good person, but within two months I didn’t like her anymore. However, I wasn’t brave enough to break up with her, so we continued in the relationship. By the [...]

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Case 312


I am the father of a three-year-old son. Four months ago, his mother and I got separated because I was treating both of them badly. I was unfaithful to her over and over, and she got tired of the fact that I never changed, so she finally left me. I’m really sorry for all I [...]

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Case 329


I lost my job and had to leave the city where I was living.... I met a woman there who is twenty-five years younger than I am, and fell in love with her. I left my wife and moved in with the woman. We began a sexual relationship and now have a son who is [...]

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Case 304


I am twenty-seven years old, and my wife and I have a five-year-old and a one-year-old. I also have a nine-year-old daughter that lives with her mother and her presumed father in another country. When we were together, she was getting separated from her husband and she got pregnant. Later she got back with him [...]

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Case 302


Three months ago, I began a romantic relationship with a guy that I have known for four years.... A month later, I found out that he is going to have a baby with his ex-girlfriend. They weren’t getting along (because of a lack of understanding), so he decided to end it without knowing that she [...]

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