Case 674


One of my cousins seduced me and, even though I was afraid, we ended up having physical relations. Two days ago, she told me that she is pregnant, but I already have a girlfriend. What should I do? Dear Friend, From the anonymous information that you have given us about yourself, we believe that you [...]

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Case 648


I am twenty-eight, and I have a son who is two and a half. I live with my son’s mother.... At first, she seemed like a good person, but within two months I didn’t like her anymore. However, I wasn’t brave enough to break up with her, so we continued in the relationship. By the [...]

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Case 619


I am twenty years old and my girlfriend is five years older than I am. My parents have never been in favor of our relationship, but now she is pregnant. I am still dependent on my parents. They told me that I should decide what to do, whether to stay with my girlfriend, or break [...]

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Case 617


My wife has been cheating on me for the past three years. A year ago, I happened to have her phone and I started looking through it. I found a contact that was a little odd, and saw that she sent him indecent photos. I confronted her, and she admitted it. It bothered me a [...]

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Case 599


I am thirty-eight and have never married, but I have three children with two different women: with the first woman, a fifteen-year-old daughter, and with the current woman, two children who are six and eight years old. I get along better with the first woman than with the second. Deep down inside I’m afraid I [...]

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Case 543


I am the mother of an eleven-year-old son, who is adorable. I work, I study in the university, and I have a husband I must care for. I feel very divided and don’t get to concentrate on what I really want. I am obligated to work because of economic need, but I don’t like my [...]

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Case 528


I am the single mother of a four-year-old daughter, and I live in my mother’s house.... Labor conditions in my country have kept me from getting a good job in spite of the fact that I am a professional.... What makes it more difficult is that I don’t have anyone to take care of my [...]

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Case 507


Three years ago, I was involved in an adulterous affair. My wife forgave me, and... I cut off all communication with the other woman. I have two children who are ten and four years old. I don’t know if I should tell my children about that period of my life, nor when would be the [...]

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Case 505


I am the father of a beautiful two-year-old girl. I lived with my wife in her mother’s house. I was willing to live there because my mother-in-law is alone. Her husband left her, and her other child died.... My wife is now an only child, and her mother was very excited about my daughter’s birth. [...]

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Case 465


I separated from my girlfriend two years ago. We had two children together. I still love her, but she lies to me all the time and her mother backs her up.... All they care about is what I have to contribute financially. She knows that I love her, and that’s why she taunts me. But [...]

Case 4652021-01-20T02:06:41-07:00
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