Case 507


Three years ago, I was involved in an adulterous affair. My wife forgave me, and... I cut off all communication with the other woman. I have two children who are ten and four years old. I don’t know if I should tell my children about that period of my life, nor when would be the [...]

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Case 505


I am the father of a beautiful two-year-old girl. I lived with my wife in her mother’s house. I was willing to live there because my mother-in-law is alone. Her husband left her, and her other child died.... My wife is now an only child, and her mother was very excited about my daughter’s birth. [...]

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Case 461


I have been separated for seven years. My ex-wife and I have a daughter who is now twelve years old. Our daughter has an older brother who is fifteen, and I love them equally and have always looked after both of them. Four years ago I gave my ex-wife a job to help her, and [...]

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Case 456


My girlfriend and I had been in a relationship for four years when I met another woman and was unfaithful with her. I confessed the infidelity to my girlfriend because I love her, so I asked her to forgive me to get things right between us again. But within a short time the other woman [...]

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Case 462


Three years ago a beautiful baby girl was born, but her maternal grandmother forbade that I be recognized as her father... so much so that she manipulated the conscience of my baby girl’s mother convincing her not to accept that the child be given my last name.... I can’t see my daughter. I have thought [...]

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Case 465


I separated from my girlfriend two years ago. We had two children together. I still love her, but she lies to me all the time and her mother backs her up.... All they care about is what I have to contribute financially. She knows that I love her, and that’s why she taunts me. But [...]

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Case 445


I am a single mother who will be forty in a few months. My son is ten and is a great kid. But even though I enjoy his company very much, every day I feel lonely and unhappy for not having a house and a home for him. I would have liked to do things [...]

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Case 421


My wife and I have two children, but I was unfaithful, and from my sin came a beautiful little girl who is now three years old, the same age as my youngest son. I confessed my sin to my wife, and she forgave me but said I had to distance myself from my daughter. I [...]

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Case 419


I had a girlfriend, and for various reasons we broke up. However, we did get back together one time and had sex, even though by then she had another boyfriend. She ended up pregnant and at first she said that her new boyfriend was the father, but then she said that the baby is mine. [...]

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Case 416


I am thirty-seven, happily married for twelve years, and have two children that I adore. A few months ago I found out that I have an eighteen-year-old daughter. She searched for me and got a court order for a paternity test, which is how my wife found out about it. I don’t feel anything for [...]

Case 4162021-01-20T02:33:19-07:00
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