Case 712


My stepson doesn’t get along with our son, though they both have the same father. My stepson constantly tells his brother that he doesn’t want to play with him, to get away from him.... He even went to the extreme of telling him that he wished him dead so that he could be an only [...]

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Case 649


I am thirty and have three daughters. Five years ago, I got together with my current boyfriend, and we had my youngest daughter. My first two daughters are not his biologically, and I have noticed that he doesn’t love them. He fights with them all the time. They stay in their room because he treats [...]

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Case 319


I have a lot of guilt pent up inside me, and I need God’s forgiveness. I married a beautiful woman who already had a daughter. When she turned thirteen, she told me about her romance with her boyfriend, and we ended up touching each other inappropriately. That went on for two or three months. I [...]

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Case 257


I met a single mother who has a beautiful little two-year-old son.... We have now been together for three years. I love her son very much.... I treat him as if I were his biological father... but my fear is this: He doesn’t know anything about this, so how can I tell him that I [...]

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Case 263


I just got married, and my husband and I are having problems. I know that it is normal to have problems in marriage, but what hurts me the most is that one of the problems is my twelve-year-old son. My husband is not my son’s father, because when we first met I was a single [...]

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Case 215


I have a friend who asked me to tell you her case so that you can help her. She is a woman with four children. The oldest is a thirteen-year-old daughter who has a different father from the man she is living with now (they are not married). The problem is that she found her [...]

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Case 164


I live with my wife in her house along with our two children and her other two children. The problem is that we found out that her oldest son is a thief, but I can’t discipline him. In addition, two weeks ago he tried to sexually abuse his younger brother. Their mother knows about everything [...]

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Case 114


When I met my husband, he was divorced from his first wife because of her infidelity and had a son who is now fifteen years old. We have been married now for ten years, and have two children of our own. We have been very happy; however, I am worried about my stepson.... Recently he [...]

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Case 122


Five years ago I was going with a married man and we had a son. Four years later I met the man who is now my husband, and I love him with all my heart. He wants to adopt my son.... He says he wants us to be a family, and he wants to be [...]

Case 1222021-01-20T04:43:16-07:00

Case 620


After finding out that my mom had hidden from me that the man who raised me was not my biological father, my parents forbade me from looking for him. I feel that I need to know him, for I have never felt that I had a father. My sister doesn’t love me because I have [...]

Case 6202023-02-14T21:49:10-07:00
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