Case 712


My stepson doesn’t get along with our son, though they both have the same father. My stepson constantly tells his brother that he doesn’t want to play with him, to get away from him.... He even went to the extreme of telling him that he wished him dead so that he could be an only [...]

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Case 649


I am thirty and have three daughters. Five years ago, I got together with my current boyfriend, and we had my youngest daughter. My first two daughters are not his biologically, and I have noticed that he doesn’t love them. He fights with them all the time. They stay in their room because he treats [...]

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Case 620


After finding out that my mom had hidden from me that the man who raised me was not my biological father, my parents forbade me from looking for him. I feel that I need to know him, for I have never felt that I had a father. My sister doesn’t love me because I have [...]

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Case 607


I met my wife twelve years ago. She had a seven-month-old daughter. The biological father of her daughter had abandoned them.... He had even told my wife, when she was pregnant, that she would have to abort the baby if she wanted to stay with him. I came into her life and offered my help. [...]

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Case 575


I am a twenty-nine-year-old man. Two years ago, I met a single mother (with one daughter) who was twenty-five. We were in a romantic relationship for nine months, but since my family was against it, I broke it up after nine months. She was devastated, and I had no contact with her for the next [...]

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Case 571


When I was barely fourteen years old, my stepfather would get my mother drunk and then come into my room to touch me inappropriately and convince me to do indecent things. As a result, I got married before turning fifteen. I am now twenty-five years old, and I still hate my stepfather the same as [...]

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Case 550


I have a son, and my husband has a ten-year-old daughter. She only visits us on weekends and holidays, but when she is here, my husband practically ignores me and my son. He even walks next to her when we go out. I have told him how I feel, but he doesn’t agree with my [...]

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Case 520


I am thirty-six years old, and I decided to have a relationship with a single mother of three daughters. The big problem is that she is very permissive with the girls, and they don’t know how to do household chores. I have to do the washing, the cooking, and other things. Also, my girlfriend has [...]

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Case 511


Ever since my childhood, my mother and stepfather have fought incessantly with each other. Their arguments are about my stepfather’s infidelity.... My mother is very jealous because she has found him talking to a lot of women. From that, she always believes that he is being unfaithful to her. They got married two years ago. [...]

Case 5112021-01-20T01:33:25-07:00

Case 485


When I got married four years ago, I already had two daughters. Now I am pregnant with my husband’s child. Two months ago something happened that has caused me mental anguish. My husband... came home drunk one night.... I pretended to be asleep to avoid an argument. He came into our room and then went [...]

Case 4852021-01-20T01:51:35-07:00
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