Case 797


My ex-wife and I have a daughter together. I had to get a divorce from her because she physically and emotionally abused me. She already had four children, and I tried to give them what I could; but they were all teenagers and never accepted me.... They made my life impossible, to the extent that [...]

Case 7972023-08-22T22:31:25-07:00

Case 734


I got married two years ago, and now we are in the process of separating. My wife said that she was leaving because of our economic situation. She clarified that she loved me, but only in the good times when we had money. She insists that we get a divorce. What can I do?   [...]

Case 7342023-02-14T20:48:44-07:00

Case 691


After eighteen years of marriage, I decided to begin the process of separation from my wife. I do not feel fulfilled, and our marriage has been rough. During this time, I met another woman with whom I have developed a relationship. Even though she knows my marital status, she doesn’t foresee taking our relationship to [...]

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Case 316


My wife and I have been separated for a week because she got tired of me lying about loaning money to my brother.... We are both doctors. We have no financial problems, but my wife, having decided that I have lied to her more than once, asked me for a divorce. I told her that [...]

Case 3162021-01-20T03:07:01-07:00

Case 252


I urgently need help! I filed for divorce from my husband... because of sexual abuse, infidelity, violation of human dignity, abuse, cruelty, lies, abandonment, and other reasons. A year and a half ago I moved in with my parents along with my three sons who are fifteen, seventeen, and nineteen years of age due to [...]

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Case 635


I have been divorced for six years because my husband cheated on me and had a child with another woman. I have a boyfriend now... but he doesn’t want to get married. What should I do? I don’t want to live in sin because of him. Should I leave him and pray for a new [...]

Case 6352023-02-14T21:22:51-07:00

Case 629


Ten years ago, I asked my husband for a divorce because he emotionally abused me and made fun of me in front of other people.... After we were separated he said very cruel things about me, such as that I had been unfaithful to him. He remarried, but he has separated from that woman close [...]

Case 6292023-02-14T21:26:52-07:00

Case 574


My husband was unfaithful to me.... I confronted him, and he asked for forgiveness, but he also implied that it was partly my fault. Almost two years have passed. He continued the relationship with the woman, but says that he is no longer with her because she went to another country.... He won’t guarantee me [...]

Case 5742023-02-14T21:59:26-07:00

Case 560


I am fifty-six years old. I got married when I was seventeen and we had four children.... My husband was always unfaithful to me. My children grew up, and I got a divorce when they were teenagers. I worked very hard at up to four jobs at a time so that my children could become [...]

Case 5602023-02-14T22:15:32-07:00

Case 556


My husband lost his job and, in his desperation to make money, he accepted an offer to marry a resident of the United States who was my best friend and was in love with him. I wasn’t given an option. I signed the divorce papers because he said he would do it anyway, with or [...]

Case 5562023-02-14T22:13:40-07:00
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