Case 461


I have been separated for seven years. My ex-wife and I have a daughter who is now twelve years old. Our daughter has an older brother who is fifteen, and I love them equally and have always looked after both of them. Four years ago I gave my ex-wife a job to help her, and [...]

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Case 453


I am a forty-six-year-old woman with a twelve-year-old daughter and a ten-year-old son. For the past seven months I have been separated from their father... because I discovered that he was cheating on me for years with a thirty-five-year-old woman.... I feel badly because I listen to a radio station every day on which they [...]

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Case 316


My wife and I have been separated for a week because she got tired of me lying about loaning money to my brother.... We are both doctors. We have no financial problems, but my wife, having decided that I have lied to her more than once, asked me for a divorce. I told her that [...]

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Case 252


I urgently need help! I filed for divorce from my husband... because of sexual abuse, infidelity, violation of human dignity, abuse, cruelty, lies, abandonment, and other reasons. A year and a half ago I moved in with my parents along with my three sons who are fifteen, seventeen, and nineteen years of age due to [...]

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Case 219


After twenty years of marriage, I got divorced as a result of the physical and psychological abuse. Consequently... I moved away with my fifteen-year-old son.... Then I fell in love with another man, but my son and my new partner have not gotten along and that has caused countless problems. My son decided to go [...]

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Case 189


I got divorced. I marked my children for life. I threw away eleven years of marriage, and all because of being selfish.... Now my ex-wife says that I abandoned them and ruined her life (even though technically the divorce was by mutual consent), and that I marked and ruined the lives of my children. I [...]

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Case 94


I am twenty‑two years old and have been married for five months.... When my husband and I were dating, he had a romantic relationship with another girl that he never told me about.... A few weeks ago, I made him confess whether or not there really had been something between them.... He told me the [...]

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Case 60


A few years ago I divorced my husband because he is an alcoholic.... For two years we didn’t see each other, but then I agreed to allow him to exercise his legal right to visit our small daughter in the house where she and I live. I work very hard to support her because he [...]

Case 602021-01-20T05:05:40-07:00
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