Case 761


I am forty years old. Almost three years ago I started to get sick. Many doctors examined me and ordered many tests. But all the test results came back normal and nothing changed. That led to me falling into a depression and undergoing a horrific treatment by a psychiatrist. In great desperation, and because of [...]

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Case 692


I have a happy home with a great husband and a six-year-old daughter. I would have liked to have had more children, but my husband won’t risk it since a pregnancy could put my life in danger.... It has been very difficult to get used to the idea of not having more children.... I convinced [...]

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Case 680


My wife and I went to work in another country for five years. In all that time, my girls were practically alone. As might be expected, they stopped going to church. This has caused me to sink into a depression that has lasted for years. I feel like I am not worth anything, and I [...]

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Case 595


I got married when I was nineteen without knowing that I had a hereditary disease called hemophilia.... But everything was fine until I had to have surgery on my knees. Since then my marriage has been an odyssey. I suffered depression for the first time, and even tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison. Now [...]

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Case 576


Until a few days ago, I was in a relationship with a guy that I’ve known for years. He was living in another country, but came to live in my country so that he could be with me. After a few months, he decided to leave because he didn’t like living here. I supported his [...]

Case 5762021-01-20T00:50:34-07:00

Case 553


My parents never helped me with the low physical self-esteem that I had while growing up, so I stopped eating. Well, I would eat, but I’d vomit afterward, until my parents found out and disciplined me very harshly. Years passed, and the illness was always there in the background. Now I am twenty-two, and the [...]

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Case 532


I am married, but my happiness is not complete because we haven’t had any children. My wife has many health issues, and I want to divorce her. Dear Friend, You have three different complaints about your marriage. The first is that you are not completely happy, and the second is that your wife has not [...]

Case 5322021-01-20T01:47:04-07:00

Case 529


I left home with the dream of becoming a medical doctor.... I always believed, and still believe, that I can do it all, but I don’t do anything.... It’s as if I have been avoiding studying. I know that I should do it, but I don’t. I have come to the point of sleeping more [...]

Case 5292021-01-20T01:45:38-07:00

Case 527


I have a sexually transmitted disease that... doesn’t have a cure. It is difficult for me to consider getting married in the future... because I don’t want it to be my fault for someone else to be harmed, and I also think it would be very hard to tell a potential wife about it. How [...]

Case 5272021-01-20T01:44:31-07:00

Case 480


I have been married almost seven years.... But from the wedding until now, our sexual relationship has been a problem because of a physical condition that my wife has. Even though we have consulted a medical doctor, nothing has been resolved.... The problem is not just that my wife can’t be intimate, but also that [...]

Case 4802021-01-20T02:13:35-07:00
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