Case 804


My wife had to move to another area because of her job. She told me to come with her to take care of our children, and that she would take care of the household expenses.... But my mother-in-law had to come and live with us for medical reasons.... and ever since she moved in, things [...]

Case 8042023-10-17T20:47:50-07:00

Case 708


Six months ago, I married a man who loves me and respects me.... We get along well, but I have noticed that, for everything he is going to do, he calls his mother to let her know.... He tells her absolutely everything, from what we’re having for dinner to what time he gets up in [...]

Case 7082023-02-14T20:56:37-07:00

Case 666


I am the mother of two beautiful children and have been married for twelve years. But I have resentment in my heart against my husband. We lived with my in-laws for ten years. They treated me very badly: my father-in-law as an alcoholic, and my mother-in-law as a gossip and troublemaker. My husband never took [...]

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Case 645


My mother-in-law hates me. She manipulates my girlfriend, who is her only child. I respect my girlfriend’s mother, but she has offended me many times. I believe that my girlfriend’s mother is worried that her daughter won’t support her anymore. She wants my girlfriend to give her everything because she doesn’t like to work. Because [...]

Case 6452023-02-14T21:24:53-07:00

Case 335


I have had a boyfriend for nine years, and I love him very much, which is why I think I put up with so much. I have had problems with his mother over insignificant issues. She meddles in his business all the time. He yelled at me in front of her, and disrespected me by [...]

Case 3352021-01-20T03:26:05-07:00

Case 264


I have had a girlfriend for four years. Eight months ago she left for [another country] with her mother. Knowing that we are bound by love for one another with wedding plans, she is to return for us to get married. But now she wants us to live in her mother’s house after the wedding.... [...]

Case 2642021-01-20T03:44:59-07:00

Case 279


I have been married for thirteen years and I have an eight-year-old daughter. Nine years ago my mother-in-law came to live with us, as he is an only child. We were renting the house we lived in, and had enough bedrooms for all four of us. A year and a half ago we had the [...]

Case 2792021-01-20T03:51:05-07:00

Case 636


I have been married for three years. My wife already had a daughter from a past relationship. I don’t have any children. Before my mother met my wife, she made a comment saying that a woman with a child from another man is not acceptable. I told my wife, and now, three years later, she [...]

Case 6362023-02-14T21:23:14-07:00

Case 513


I have felt the need to change religions, and the family is opposed.... I have come to know Christ in a personal way, and I am happy about it, but my in-laws are judging me for my decision.... I don’t know how to respond to their attacks because I love them, but they hurt me [...]

Case 5132023-06-08T17:05:16-07:00

Case 505


I am the father of a beautiful two-year-old girl. I lived with my wife in her mother’s house. I was willing to live there because my mother-in-law is alone. Her husband left her, and her other child died.... My wife is now an only child, and her mother was very excited about my daughter’s birth. [...]

Case 5052023-06-08T16:33:55-07:00
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