Case 442


I have been married for almost two years, and my daughter is almost a year old. When my daughter was born, we decided to come and live with my mother-in-law.... I was in agreement because my wife is her only living child and her husband left her. We have serious arguments. She doesn’t do what [...]

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Case 422


I’m jealous of the relationship that my husband has with one of his sisters. She gives more attention to my husband and treats him better than her own husband. My husband counts on her to help him with almost everything. He makes some decisions with her input instead of consulting with me.... In one day [...]

Case 4222023-02-18T22:06:11-07:00

Case 414


I am married to a good, hard-working man. We have a son, and four years ago we decided to live close to my husband’s mother. But now, for education and work reasons, we decided to move to another location in the city, and my husband’s mother and his sister tell him that I’m taking him [...]

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Case 372


I have a daughter with my girlfriend. We don’t live together. I have asked her to marry me, but she hasn’t accepted because she is afraid that her family won’t approve of me as her husband. She says that she loves me and would marry me... but she’s afraid that her family would look down [...]

Case 3722023-06-05T19:49:57-07:00

Case 362


Three years ago I discovered that my husband had been unfaithful with various women, and... I asked him to leave the house. He begged me to forgive him, promising that he would never do it again, but I insisted that he leave.... After only one day with my children crying and begging for their daddy [...]

Case 3622023-06-05T19:47:35-07:00

Case 85


I have begun to see the faults of my daughters’ husbands, and I worry a lot because they are pulling away from me. I don’t want to cause them any harm; on the contrary, I try to counsel them when I see them treat my daughters unfairly. Would you please advise me what to do? [...]

Case 852023-03-22T21:24:53-07:00

Case 35


A few months ago I traveled to [another country] to work and make money to help my family get ahead. But after only three months... my sister started gossiping that my wife was going out with another man. I called my wife and she began to cry. She swore to God that it wasn’t true [...]

Case 352023-06-05T19:30:00-07:00
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