Case 706

Parental Responsibility|

I have never gotten married nor had children of my own, but I take care of my nieces and nephews as if they were my children. That is because their parents are irresponsible and love to party. The father is an alcoholic, and the mother doesn’t have the least bit of affection for them. Neither of them takes care of the basic needs of the children, such as their education, housing, and food.... They are [...]

Case 705

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Uncertainty/Doubt)|

Two and a half months ago, I met my boyfriend, and everything was beautiful. But his attitude suddenly changed, and since then he has treated me very badly. He told me that he would change, but now... he blames me for everything that happens, even though I believe I haven’t done anything wrong. I want to understand him because I love him.... I’d like for you to tell me what to do to help him [...]

Case 704

Marriage (Spousal Abuse)|

I was divorced when I married a widow, who has two children that I accepted as if they were my own.... She had been physically abused by her mother and then by her late husband, and she repeated that abuse with her children.... She even started treating me as if I were her third child, to the extent of abusing me physically and verbally.... She constantly threatened that she was going to leave me, and [...]

Case 703

Responsibilities of children|

I am a single, thirty-three-year-old woman, living with my parents and younger sister.... Since I am the only one with a stable income, I pay for almost all the expenses of the household. My parents’ income only covers the rental of the house. A few years back I got a loan to cover a significant family need, and I am still paying it down. I’ve given my parents advice about what I believe we should [...]

Case 702

Absentee Parents, Parental Responsibility|

Eight years ago, after living with a woman I ended it and went back to my wife. But I was such a horrible person that I left the woman pregnant. And more than four years ago she died unexpectedly.... Now I realize that, besides being a horrible person, I don’t deserve to live. I have even considered suicide as an option. Now my daughter, whose mother died, lives with her maternal grandmother, and even though [...]

Case 701

Marriage (Adultery/Infidelity)|

Eighteen years ago, my wife was unfaithful with someone who claimed to be my friend. But because I had also been unfaithful, I decided to forgive her. She has always been an excellent mother, and now is a wonderful grandmother for our two grandchildren. Ever since then we’ve been very happy together, until two months ago when that guy, with whom she had been unfaithful, wrote to her on Facebook. She answered and they exchanged [...]

Case 700

Absentee Parents|

Almost five years ago I was with a married man. I ended up pregnant and, when I gave him the news, he told me to get an abortion.... When my son was born, I notified the man and sent him a photo telling him that, because of being the father, I would give my son his surname. Two years later the man told me he wanted to meet his son, and two years after that [...]

Case 699

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Deceipt/Distrust)|

I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years, but our relationship has been deteriorating because of his infidelities. A year ago, he met an older woman who promised to give him things like money, a business, and a car. He says that she knows about our relationship and that he wants to be with me, but that he doesn’t want to stop communicating with her because she has promised to help him get ahead. And [...]

Case 698

Child Abuse / Rape|

In a video conference call that my sister, who is forty-nine years old, made to my brother and me and our parents, she blamed and called out our father for abusing her sexually, and our mother for being complicit from the time that she had told her about it when she was thirty. I’m asking God to resolve this situation fairly because I love all my family, and I’d like divine intervention for God to [...]