Case 750

Social Media/Internet|

I joined a social media site so that I could meet friends. There I saw the profile of a man that looked like a good person.   He invited me to the beach on the weekend.... We listened to a concert for a couple of hours.... At nightfall, we went to where he had parked his car.... That’s when what I didn’t want happened.... He started touching me even though I told him that it [...]

Case 749

Marriage (Adultery/Infidelity)|

I was unfaithful to my wife, and she found out.... We are no longer together as a couple... but we still live in the same house along with our children. I can’t stand her anymore, because she makes insinuations and often reminds me about my wrongdoing. It gets to me and drives me up a wall. What can I do to keep from arguing with her? Dear Friend,   It is difficult to give counsel [...]

Case 748


I have a job with a great salary and benefits.... Furthermore, it is related to my college career. The problem is that the other employees have bad habits, use curse words and gossip about their coworkers.... My boss is a woman who treats me very badly because I don’t act like everyone else. She screams at me and discriminates against me.... I am a Christian and do my best to stay away from them.   [...]


Infatuation/Falling in Love|

I have a question. I would like to be happily married and have a family that honors God. But how am I going to be able to identify the person that God has for me? How am I going to know if I’m about to make a bad decision? I believe that God has a special person for every human being, because God didn’t design us to be alone. Dear Friend, We’re glad you are [...]

Case 746


I am an unmarried student.... Unfortunately, during my adolescence I fell into the vice of pornography and masturbation....   I began to attend a church. I thought it would be easy to leave my habit behind. I’ve tried to stop my addiction, but it keeps coming back. The guilt and shame torment me.... I was a man of prayer and Bible reading, and even preached and was a leader in my church, but my conscience [...]

Case 745

Responsibilities of children|

Twenty years ago I lived with my parents. They didn’t get along. My mother was sick, and I cared for her.   My father had a second family, and he told me to leave the house because, if I didn’t, he would. Since I didn’t want my mother to suffer if my father left, I immediately returned to the country where she was from....   My mother died fourteen years ago, and now my father [...]

Case 744

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Incompatibility)|

I am the friend of a young woman who is twenty-seven years old. She has two daughters. We agreed to be housemates, living together only as friends, but I soon regretted that decision because we are not a couple. It troubles me to see her hang out with her male friends because I like her a lot, but she already rejected my advances on account of me being much older than she is. Dear Friend, [...]

Case 743

Infatuation/Falling in Love|

Four months ago I met a twenty-seven-year-old woman, and I like her a lot. She has suffered a great deal. Her father was murdered, and she had a couple of relationships that broke her heart even more. She says that she is full of bitterness and anger, that her heart has been hardened. She says that she loves me, but can’t show it because her heart won’t let her. It hurts me to see her [...]

Case 742


In my almost thirty years of life, I have had two romantic relationships, but both were disasters. I suffered humiliations, mockery, lies, and deception. After the last relationship, I went to therapy a couple of times.   Both men have moved on to new relationships, and... I can’t help feeling angry to see they’re apparently happy with someone else.   I am a professional woman, independent, honest, and friendly, but this has made me question [...]