Case 817

Marriage (Indifference/Expression of Affection)|

I haven’t been in love with my husband for many years..... I was only important to him during our first years of marriage. But even though I felt that he didn’t love me, I always did everything possible to save my marriage, for his sake and for my children; but I just can’t do it anymore.... My husband was only committed to keeping food on the table. I had to figure out everything else... fighting [...]

Case 816

Abandonment of Spouse|

My wife was unfaithful to me, and it lasted almost a year. After eight years of marriage, I decided to split up with her because, even though I forgave her, she didn’t want to change. Instead, she continued the affair with the other guy. Now I don’t have anyone, but I’d like to remarry. I live with my two daughters, who are nine and twelve years old.... Would I be failing God if I were [...]

Case 815

Marriage (Conflicts/Insults)|

Recently my husband has become very irritable. Everything bothers him. Not long ago I was with my family, and I stayed overnight with my children. He was working, but when we returned the next day, he was furious, saying that he wasn’t the least bit important to us, as if we had abandoned him.... Now it upsets him for me to leave the house.... It seems unfair to me that I have to stay in [...]

Case 814


My brother... left home to start living with his girlfriend. I have told him that he should get married because having sexual relations outside of marriage is fornication, but he says that... if a document alone constitutes a marriage, why didn’t God make Adam and Eve sign a document? Besides, he prayed for God to bless their union, and since he is having sexual relations only with his girlfriend, that makes her his wife. Dear [...]

Case 813

Abandonment of Spouse|

For the past four months my girlfriend has been unfaithful. We’ve been together for seventeen years and have three children. She wants to leave us, and we are very hurt by this. We don’t know what else to do about it. All I want is to repair the relationship with her so that we can be a happy family again like we were before. Dear Friend, From what you say, your girlfriend wants to abandon [...]

Case 812

Responsibilities of children|

I have been married for forty-four years. But ever since my father died twenty-two years ago, my relationship with my husband changed because I dedicated body and soul to the care of my mother, who is now eighty-two years old. I am her only child. I stopped taking care of my husband because my mother doesn’t like for him to be around. I even had to tell him to move out to keep her from [...]

Case 811


Some time back I prayed that God would help me not to be obsessed with a girl and that I would not continue to sin by viewing pornography, but then I would end up sinning by doing those very things.... I have sinned so much against God, as a follower of Christ, that lately I feel that God won’t forgive me anymore.... Now I feel condemned and afflicted with a lot of fear because I [...]

Case 810


I met a man... and over the next days and months a relationship developed.... One day he confessed to me that he was in the process of getting a divorce. He said that he loved me, but that he needed some time. As the days passed, everything changed. I started having mental and psychological struggles. Someone told me that I should get help from psychics, so I did. I gave them personal information and they [...]

Case 809

Adoption of Children|

I have not been able to get pregnant, even though that is my deepest longing. Sometimes I cry [in frustration], and other times I believe that God can [give me a child].... I’ve often wanted to tell my husband to leave me and find another woman who can give him a child[, as did Sarah, the wife of Abraham, who was the father of all Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Sarah gave Abraham a son, Ishmael, [...]