Case 792

Absentee Parents|

More tan a year ago I met a woman, and after a month she told me that she did not want a relationship with me, but rather only dreamed about getting pregnant and having a child whom she would rear alone. I gave in, and... she got pregnant. After that, she kept her distance from me for several months. Some time after the baby was born... the woman asked me to register my name on [...]

Case 791

Sexual Abuse / Rape|

I got married eleven years ago. My husband already had a daughter from his previous relationship... and together we now have three small children as well.... A month ago my stepdaughter confessed to me that when she first came to the country we live in, her father sexually abused her, so I confronted him. He claims that... since he had lived apart from her until she was fourteen, she said that she didn’t see him [...]

Case 790

Small children (Discipline/Instruction/Care), Step-parents|

Five months ago I started living with my new boyfriend, and we can’t seem to agree on how to rear his daughter and my son who are four and five years old. Sometimes, when my boyfriend plays with my son, he treats him very roughly... to the point of making him cry. He’s not like that with his daughter, and that bothers me because I think it’s unfair. I believe that my boyfriend is mad [...]

Case 789

Adult children|

I have two sons who are eighteen and twenty years old.... Their father died nine months ago from a brain tumor.... [During that time,] I had to leave home to work in order to make ends meet, and I lost control of them.... Both refuse to help with any housework, and my health is not good enough to do everything by myself. My older son already has a job, but he gives me very little [...]

Case 788


A few years ago, I beat my son, harshly punishing him. He was six years old, and when his mom saw the bruises, she reported me for child abuse. I was sentenced to six years in jail. This month, not having any information about my son, I went to his mom’s workplace to find out about him, but she immediately pressed charges, alleging that I made a scene in the street and at her workplace. [...]

Case 787

Bad Habits|

I am a university student. I apply myself, but I’m addicted to video games and because of that I failed an important exam. I need some emotional support or advice to help me get over my addiction. I want to be successful, but this bad habit won’t let me. What pricks my conscience is that I lie to my father telling him that I’m doing very well. At times I want to tell him the [...]

Case 786

Absentee Parents|

I made the biggest mistake of my life by going out with a guy who is not a follower of Christ, as I am. I ended up pregnant, and my baby was born; but I never moved out of my family’s house. My baby’s father had hopes that we would get married and be a family; but he doesn’t want to go to church and, the few times he has gone, my family has treated [...]

Case 785

Robbery / Fraud|

A week ago I stole something. It’s not the first time, but this time it has been very serious and I am very sorry. I don’t know how to get my parents to forgive me and to understand that I am really sorry. I’m only fifteen years old, and I don’t want this to ruin our lives. I know that what I did was wrong, but I want to obtain the forgiveness of my parents [...]

Case 784


I am taking a pre-university course to be able to major in the field of architecture.... My problem is that I am economically disadvantaged and have no one helping me.... My mom can’t help me because I have two younger brothers, and she had to raise us without a father.... Every day I wonder what I should do, but I can’t come up with an answer.... I don’t know whether to continue my studies or [...]