Case 691


After eighteen years of marriage, I decided to begin the process of separation from my wife. I do not feel fulfilled, and our marriage has been rough. During this time, I met another woman with whom I have developed a relationship. Even though she knows my marital status, she doesn’t foresee taking our relationship to another level. That makes me worried and disillusioned. Having four children makes it difficult for me to end my marriage, [...]

Case 690

Infatuation/Falling in Love|

A few years ago, I was in love with a guy, but it never developed into a serious relationship. What worries me is that I was the one who sought him out and made the first move, and now something similar is happening with another guy. What I want to know is if it is acceptable to look for a husband this way, with me making the first move, or if I should just wait [...]

Caso 689

Adult children|

I have a seventeen-year-old son who says that he is an atheist. He participates in prayer and religious activities with the family, letting us know that he does it out of respect for us, even though he doesn’t believe in any of it.... I’m not sure if we should continue asking him to participate, or whether we should accept that he withdraw from those times of spiritual activities.... In a few months he will be [...]

Caso 688

Small children (Discipline/Instruction/Care)|

I am thirty-four years old and married. When I was single, I never thought that I would ever be a mother because children annoyed me. But now I’m the mother of two. Ever since my eldest son was born (who is now three years old), I have kept having bad thoughts that are to his detriment, like what if he were run over, or if I injured him with scissors that are in my hand, [...]

Case 687

Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Uncertainty/Doubt)|

I have a girlfriend that I’ve been with for five years.... She has a son who calls me “Daddy” because I am the closest father figure in his life. I love him and his mother the same, but she lives with her mother, and the way that this grandmother is rearing him is not appropriate. He often throws fits, doesn’t obey, raises his voice to adults, and tries to manipulate his mother even though he [...]

Case 686

Marriage (Conflicts/Insults)|

I am married, and we have a seven-month-old daughter.... While I was pregnant, my husband was unfaithful, and I forgave him. I used to visit my family and friends, but since the baby’s birth he hasn’t wanted me to go out, not even to visit my mother or my friends.... I feel as if I’m going crazy. I want to spend time with my family in peace, but I feel like I’m in jail. He [...]

Case 685


I am twenty-nine and I lived with my girlfriend for three years, exactly the age of my son. From the beginning I didn’t get along with my son’s mom.... We tried to make it for his sake, but it just didn’t work. After a lot of fights, we decided to break up. I want to be responsible for my son, but I’m now afraid that God might get even with me for not having stayed [...]

Case 684


It may be that my mother loves me, but she doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her.... When I was twenty, I moved away to another city, but my family problems keep following me. My mother comes to visit several months of the year. My father and mother don’t love each other anymore. She expects me to take her side and hate him, but I won’t do it because I love him and understand [...]

Case 683

Romantic Relationships / Courtship (Pre-marital)|

Case 245 is the story of a man who married a woman he didn’t love, and even after two years he felt the same or worse. The counsel to him was good and I liked it. I am living something very similar. I’m thinking about marrying a woman who I don’t love very much, even though she would give her life for me if it came to that. I wonder if I could apply the [...]