Case 659


The Bible says that only God the Father knows when the final events of humanity will take place.... I think that those events cause many of us to wonder, and some people to feel terrified about the impending last judgment. What should the attitude of the Christian be when faced with the real possibility that these events will happen? Dear Friend, You are asking about the events that the Bible describes as being part of [...]

Case 658


Three years ago, I hid a pregnancy up until the time that I gave birth. I didn’t know what to do, so I abandoned the child. I already had an eight-year-old son, and it was a very difficult situation. I couldn’t manage the expenses and I also didn’t want anyone to know that I had failed, but now I feel terrible. I just had another child with my current husband, and holding this baby in [...]

Case 657

Marriage (Indifference/Expression of Affection)|

When I was twenty-three, I got pregnant with my first child. My father pressured me into living with the father of my child, who is now my husband. We have been together for fifteen years and have three children, but I have never been able to love him.... I know that he loves me, and I do want the best for my children. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. I’m not really happy. [...]

Case 656

Abandonment of Spouse|

Two years ago, my wife left to live in another country. She met a guy there and had a romantic relationship with him. She later confessed this betrayal, and I forgave her, but I lost trust in her. Now she wants to divorce me for that man. I don’t want our marriage to be over, because I love her and believe that God can restore our marriage.... But in the meantime, I am suffering a [...]

Case 655

Marriage (Spousal Abuse)|

I found out, after twenty-three years of marriage, that my husband has been unfaithful to me and now has a four-year-old daughter with another woman. In our relationship there has been a lot of physical abuse and verbal abuse, even toward the children. On several occasions I pressed charges against him, but then took him back, believing that he would change. Unfortunately, he has done the complete opposite. Now we are under the same roof, [...]

Case 654

Depression/Anxiety/Panic, Work|

I’ve had to stay at home for several months because of the pandemic. I’m thankful to God that I’ve been able to work remotely and continue to support my family, but I feel depressed about my current work situation. I feel like I’m inept in my everyday activities. I think that others see me as incompetent because I ask a lot of questions when I have doubts.... I’ve never been very sociable, and I’m even [...]

Case 653


I am a teenager. I like video games, but my parents won’t let me have any. I would like to play these games in secret, but first I would like to ask your opinion.... Does God think video games are a sin? What can I do? Dear Friend, We are honored that you would consider our opinion, and we are impressed that you care so much about doing the right thing. You did not mention [...]

Case 652


I am twenty-two years old.... Four years ago, I left home to live with my boyfriend.... I had a daughter who is now two years old.... My daughter’s father left the country before she was born, and now wants me to join him because he doesn’t know our daughter and because he says that he loves me. During the time that we lived together, we had a hard time understanding each other. I love him, [...]

Case 651

Marriage (Conflicts/Insults)|

A few days ago, my wife found some improper messages on my phone between me and a young woman that my wife knows in passing. The messages were very inappropriate, including provocative talk involving adultery, but it was just a game because the woman has that kind of relationship with several friends, including me. I understand that it was bad, though I’ve never been unfaithful; but my wife won’t forgive me for what I wrote [...]