Case 819


I have been living with a guy for three years, and we have a two-year-old daughter together.... About a year ago I reconciled with God, and I’ve been going to a church.... The problem is that, since I’m not married, I’m committing the sin of fornication and I don’t want to keep offending God by [...]

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Case 814


My brother... left home to start living with his girlfriend. I have told him that he should get married because having sexual relations outside of marriage is fornication, but he says that... if a document alone constitutes a marriage, why didn’t God make Adam and Eve sign a document? Besides, he prayed for God to [...]

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Case 802


For the past eight months I’ve been in a romantic relationship with a married woman who is in the process of getting a divorce and has a nine-year-old daughter.... From the beginning we had a sexual relationship. I knew it was wrong, but we kept on doing it anyway. It was all secret. A week [...]

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Case 776


After eight years in a relationship with my boyfriend... we separated for a period of time in which he was with other women.... We then decided that we would try again, and we even talked about getting married. But when I found out about the other women, I confronted him. He denies everything, even though [...]

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Case 757


I have been in a relationship with a guy for seven years. (Before I was with this man, I was married to another.) He is a good man and a good father, but frequently he brings up my past and insinuates that I committed questionable acts.... I feel offended, so I defend myself; but he [...]

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Case 752


I had a daughter with a man who is a member of another church that I daresay is a cult. Before long I came to understand the magnitude of the consequences....   We still don’t live together. He insists that we should establish a home together and find a balance in our religions.... I often [...]

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Case 721


I have been living with my girlfriend for a long time and we have several children together. We have decided to get married, but she is Catholic, and I am Protestant. She suggests that we get married twice to avoid conflicts, once in each church, but I’m not so sure about that. What do you [...]

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Case 685


I am twenty-nine and I lived with my girlfriend for three years, exactly the age of my son. From the beginning I didn’t get along with my son’s mom.... We tried to make it for his sake, but it just didn’t work. After a lot of fights, we decided to break up. I want to [...]

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Case 673


I am a thirty-six-year-old man. Thirteen years ago, I met the woman that I live with now. She was married when I met her, with three children, and separated from her husband. Back then I didn’t know anything about Biblical teachings. Now that I am a follower of Christ, I realize that I shouldn’t have [...]

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Case 652


I am twenty-two years old.... Four years ago, I left home to live with my boyfriend.... I had a daughter who is now two years old.... My daughter’s father left the country before she was born, and now wants me to join him because he doesn’t know our daughter and because he says that he [...]

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