Case 746


I am an unmarried student.... Unfortunately, during my adolescence I fell into the vice of pornography and masturbation....   I began to attend a church. I thought it would be easy to leave my habit behind. I’ve tried to stop my addiction, but it keeps coming back. The guilt and shame torment me.... I was [...]

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Case 626


I have been separated from the mother of my children for about a year. She took the children to live somewhere else, and that makes me feel very guilty. We lived together for almost nine years and wanted to get married, but something always came up. Since childhood I have visited pornographic websites, and I [...]

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Case 408


I am a young man who had a problem with pornography for seven years. It made me feel as if my life were garbage.... I told my father about my problem, and he said that when I made mistakes in life, I didn’t have to keep on repeating those mistakes, and that God would forgive [...]

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Case 343


When my older daughter was fourteen, she started a relationship with an eighteen-year-old. I did not approve, but in order to keep them from sneaking around, I let them see each other in my home with strict guidelines. Three years have passed, and now my daughter is no longer that guy’s girlfriend. Recently I noticed [...]

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Case 288


I feel frustrated because I haven’t been able to conquer a habit that I’ve had since I was fifteen. I am now twenty-three, and I am addicted to pornography. I can’t avoid it.... I am a university student with very good grades. I have overheard parents setting me up as an example for their children; [...]

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Case 227


My problem is Internet pornography. I don’t know how to put a stop to it. It really has tormented me for a long time.... I have researched and read books about sexuality so that I can conquer the habit, and I try to be consistent with the methods I apply; but I always fall back [...]

Case 2272024-04-02T22:18:45-07:00

Case 186


I am struggling with my vices, which are the Internet, pornography, and sexual desires.... It’s a struggle in which I always fail. So I’m sending this message in order to receive a response from you... Dear Friend, You have taken the first step, which is admitting that you have a problem, and the second step, [...]

Case 1862024-04-11T19:59:48-07:00

Case 130


My husband really likes to look at pornography, and this bothers me and hurts me. I tell him that it is not good for our home and that it makes me feel miserable [and] think... that I am not enough for him. I ask him why he does it, and he says that all men [...]

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Case 7


Part 1: “I am addicted to pornography on the Internet. I would like for you to give me some advice so that all this that is disturbing my mind will leave me in peace. I would also like to know a little about God.” Part 2: “I am a young medical student. Since I was [...]

Case 72023-03-22T20:23:46-07:00
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