My problem is Internet pornography. I don’t know how to put a stop to it. It really has tormented me for a long time…. I have researched and read books about sexuality so that I can conquer the habit, and I try to be consistent with the methods I apply; but I always fall back into the same old routine.

I don’t know what to do. I have read the other Cases about this subject, but it seems like I am missing something. I make up my mind to stop, but somehow I end up falling again.

Dear Friend,

Unfortunately, Internet pornography is available everywhere and is therefore very difficult to avoid. In Cases 7 and 186 we gave specific steps that anyone can take in order to break this destructive habit. You say that you have read these Cases and that you think something is missing in your situation. You also say that you have researched and that you have read books on the subject. However, what you don’t say is what action steps you have taken. You don’t mention finding an accountability partner who is helping keep you on track. You don’t mention that you have installed tracking software on your computer. You don’t mention that you have replaced this destructive habit with a new positive habit to fill your time. And you don’t mention that you have asked Christ into your life to help you resist temptation.

Many people know the right things to do and the wrong things not to do. They understand with their brains why they should or should not do something. And they may have the desire to follow through with positive life changes, but they never actually do anything.

You cannot break this addiction on your own. You need a network of people who know you and can hold you accountable. If you are not serious enough to find one or two people to help you, then you do not really want to change.

You also need the power of God in your life. Your human willpower has not been enough and will never be enough. However, if you take action steps and you ask God to help you, He will. Some people want Him to help them, but they take no action steps on their own. They just wait for God to zap them, and then blame Him when that doesn’t happen. God gave us brains to be able to reason, a conscience to know right from wrong, and hands and feet to take action in any situation. He will help us, but He will not do it for us.

Pornography has deteriorated your quality of life and probably has negatively affected your interaction with others. Virtual relationships may seem more comfortable than actual relationships. You may escape into fantasy because your reality is not going very well. Maybe you are running away from areas of your life that you would rather avoid. Whatever the reasons may be, the action steps you need to take are the same. If you really are serious about stopping, you will follow through with each step instead of making excuses for why it won’t work for you.

Take action today!