Case 784


I am taking a pre-university course to be able to major in the field of architecture.... My problem is that I am economically disadvantaged and have no one helping me.... My mom can’t help me because I have two younger brothers, and she had to raise us without a father.... Every day I wonder what [...]

Case 7842023-05-30T21:29:51-07:00

Case 720


My husband and I are both thirty-two years old and we have been married a little more than a year. Before we were married, we decided that we would have two children... but now I want to put off being pregnant because of how much I enjoy my life with my husband and being by [...]

Case 7202023-02-14T20:54:56-07:00

Case 719


My wages as a manual laborer are very unstable.... My sister-in-law moved to another country, gave my wife power of attorney over her possessions, and left her in charge of their mother and her house. In return, she helps us financially.... This has caused my wife to complain, letting me know that, if my economic [...]

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Case 318


My case is about my finances.... Because I paid a debt on time, I was given a credit card. After that, other institutions offered me credit cards. The problem is that today I have six cards, and all of them are past due. And that’s not all: I have other debts, and now I am [...]

Case 3182021-01-20T03:07:59-07:00

Case 277


I work at a government institution... and through hard work I have been able to get ahead to the point of becoming the supervisor of a department. My wife... has told me that I should resign this position and go back to being a clerk, since I’ve had to work on some occasions until late [...]

Case 2772021-01-20T03:50:23-07:00

Case 276


My girlfriend and I intend to get married, but she asks me where we are going to live, and tells me that my salary isn’t enough, because she would like to have an apartment and a car. I tell her that we can have all we want if we both fight for it. And she [...]

Case 2762021-01-20T03:49:44-07:00

Case 274


My mom has been a widow for the past twenty-five years. She has three daughters, including me. I helped her economically even before she was widowed, although I can no longer work because of a chronic disease.... A few days ago my husband lost his job... and now I can’t offer my mother any monetary [...]

Case 2742021-01-20T03:48:55-07:00

Case 241


I am thirty-one years old.... The problem in my life is the lack of money.... I got married a year ago, and I thought I would never have children; but now I am ten weeks pregnant and I want to put my baby up for adoption. I want to give my child a family that [...]

Case 2412021-01-20T03:59:26-07:00

Case 242


I met a neighbor and allowed her to use my name various times to borrow money.... The issue is that she has defaulted and made me look bad. Neither she nor her husband nor her daughter will speak to me anymore, and I am left holding the bag with the moneylender. It has turned into [...]

Case 2422021-01-20T03:59:54-07:00

Case 586


My husband and I have been married for eleven years and have two children.... He is a technician; I am a professional. The economic and educational burden for the children is mine. I also pay the mortgage and for our housekeeper. Since my husband earns less than I do, there are less things that he [...]

Case 5862023-02-14T22:04:06-07:00
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