Case 564


I have lived outside my country for twelve years, and during that time I have been sending money to my parents to help support them. The first few years I was sending almost all that I earned because my mother has always had a lot of debts.... Then I sent some savings for her to [...]

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Case 552


I have been married for nine years. We have four small children. About a month ago, my husband’s debts began to come to light: rent payments, payments on a small loan that he has, and a mortgage payment. I was notified of these debts in my home. In spite of this, when I talked to [...]

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Case 432


Eight years ago I became a follower of Christ, but I made some bad decisions and stopped following Him. A year ago I renewed my relationship with Him as my Lord, and since that time I’ve made changes in my life that have been very good for me and my family. I have a small [...]

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Case 427


My husband and I have been married for twelve years.... I discovered, after marrying him, that he had a lot of debt. I helped him pay off the debt at the beginning of our marriage. I took charge and became responsible for the financial management of the household until four years ago, when he told [...]

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Case 400


I am twenty-nine years old and have a nine-year-old daughter.... Eight years ago my mother died of cancer, and I was left responsible for my eleven-year-old sister and my sixteen-year-old brother.... We were not doing well financially, and I decided to start a business, but I made the mistake of mortgaging the house that my [...]

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Case 397


My husband and I have been married for three years, and he is the one who manages our household finances. I work, and have to give him the money that I earn, and if I need something, I have to ask him for it and tell him why I need it.... I’d like to sometimes [...]

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Case 378


I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years. We have economic difficulties that prevent us from getting married. I can’t help feeling envy, desperation, and sadness in my heart every time someone else announces their upcoming marriage. I just try to hide my feelings and attend the wedding even though I [...]

Case 3782023-02-18T22:11:19-07:00

Case 376


My husband abandoned me while I was pregnant, leaving me with all the household debt.... My baby was born and, when I brought her home, her father voluntarily paid for some of the expenses. However, six months ago he stopped visiting our daughter and stopped contributing financially for her needs. I have tried to get [...]

Case 3762023-02-18T22:10:09-07:00

Case 359


My friend’s husband asked my husband to borrow some money, assuring him that he would pay it back as soon as possible. Months have passed and, in the meetings that we have all attended, my friend’s husband has never said anything to him about the loan. One day my husband sent him a message asking [...]

Case 3592023-06-05T19:46:48-07:00

Case 342


I am in a relationship with a woman who already has two children with a former boyfriend. I too have three daughters from my previous relationship. We want to get married and buy a house where only the two of us would live. The house where my daughters live belongs to their mother, and my [...]

Case 3422023-02-18T22:20:51-07:00
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