Bad Habits

Case 672


I suffer from ludopathy. Because of the vice of gambling in casinos, I lost my job, got into debt, and gambled everything away. I still gamble with the little that I earn. I have a family, but I keep doing the same thing and can’t find a way to extricate myself from it. Dear Friend, [...]

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Case 631


I like electronic music, and [I think that it’s OK] because it doesn’t have dirty words like [some other styles of music].... [Am I wrong about this?] Dear Friend, I am definitely not an expert on music, but to try and answer your question let’s think of four of the facets of music. You mention [...]

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Case 606


I am a follower of Christ, but I married someone with different religious beliefs. We have been married for five years and have a daughter. My husband is an alcoholic.... A year ago, he had a car accident in which a cousin of his died, and we are involved in a lawsuit brought by the [...]

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Case 569


I am twenty-three years old and have a beautiful three-year-old son.... I have deceived my partner, making him believe that my son is also his son. I carry an enormous amount of guilt! Since I was fifteen I’ve been a drug addict, I’ve had a problem with alcohol, I’ve been raped a number of times, [...]

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Case 485


When I got married four years ago, I already had two daughters. Now I am pregnant with my husband’s child. Two months ago something happened that has caused me mental anguish. My husband... came home drunk one night.... I pretended to be asleep to avoid an argument. He came into our room and then went [...]

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Case 441


My boyfriend left me for another woman. She had more money than I do, so I got very jealous. I tried different methods to forget about him, but I couldn’t. I started getting drunk, and now when I see him I follow him. But when I arrive at his house, he hits me hard. He [...]

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Case 436


I want to confess that I’m addicted to women, so much so that I try to meet women on social networking sites so that I can take them to bed. My addiction is so bad that I even pay for prostitutes, and I don’t care how old they are, or their race or social class.... [...]

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Case 435


I have been trapped by alcoholism. It has brought many problems into my marriage, including fights and recriminations. I’ve asked my wife to forgive me for what I’ve done wrong, but two weeks ago she began saying that she wants to get separated. I just found on her mobile phone that she has been in [...]

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Case 388


I have a wife and a son.... I think I am an alcoholic because every week I drink, and then I feel sad and disconsolate, and beg God to deliver me from alcohol. I think that it is not good for my son to grow up watching me drink. Right now I work far away, [...]

Case 3882021-01-20T02:45:37-07:00

Case 363


I am devastated. I am thirty-five now, but I had a great childhood and was taught well, to the extent that I had never even touched a cigarette or any alcohol. I worked hard, as my parents taught me, so that at thirty, I already owned four businesses.... Two years ago I unexpectedly encountered the [...]

Case 3632021-01-20T03:00:43-07:00
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