Bad Habits

Case 341


More than two months ago I went out with some friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them. We ended up going to dance in a discotheque. All was going well until a guy that I didn’t know asked me to dance and, since I had been drinking, I danced indecently. What I did [...]

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Case 326


I have an older brother who is thirty-five and I am thirty. He has been separated from his wife for two years because he is a drunk.... He doesn’t do anything for his two children and he lives off of other people.... Three years ago he got a loan, complete with a legal contract, and [...]

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Case 331


My husband and I have two children, a nineteen-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter. My son came home drunk. I served his dinner, and he began to eat with his hands. I brought it to his attention and he reacted badly, to the extent that he wanted to attack me. My husband told him to [...]

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Case 294


For the last three years I have been a student in the university, far from my hometown. I had the misfortune of falling prey to the addiction of playing video games on the Internet, which has caused me to lose two years of study and to make little headway in my career. Over this past [...]

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Case 278


I feel very lonely and left out by everyone, with the exceptions of my husband and my parents. When I was fifteen I made the mistake of gossiping about a friend. My childhood friends and neighbors began to pull away and have since not talked to me, except for saying hello and goodbye. I began [...]

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Case 226


I have a nineteen-year-old son who smokes pot. When I found out, I worried about it a lot and thought that I could solve the problem myself by talking to him about it. However, my son has continued smoking marijuana, and has become very violent. I haven’t been able to get him to give it [...]

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Case 214


My mother gave birth to me when she was an unmarried teenager. I grew up in a household with a grandfather and uncles who are alcoholics.... In spite of the fact that my mother never hit me, she caused a gaping wound that is difficult to heal. She is also an alcoholic and, even though [...]

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Case 212


I started drinking with my friends, and on Fridays we got into the habit of going out drinking. What I want to tell you is that nothing works out well for me. I think that I have bad luck.... In the last few months I have lost a lot of things.... When I buy something [...]

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Case 170


My relationship with my mother was very weak because she was an alcoholic.... It was so difficult that she eventually decided to move to another country. When she had been there for seven years, she got infected with AIDS and died. That was six years ago. I couldn’t go to help her, to be with [...]

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Case 148


Lately my life has been a disaster.... I’ve had problems with my wife, and we are in the beginning stages of a divorce.... I have gotten in the habit of drinking almost every day, and one of those times when I was drunk... I stole some electronic equipment from a friend. I ended up returning [...]

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