Responsibilities of children

Case 765


My father married a young woman who is thirty-eight years younger than he. She doesn’t allow him to have any relationship with his children from his deceased first wife, that is, my mother....   Recently my youngest brother had emergency surgery.... He was in critical condition... but my father doesn’t want to go visit him.... [...]

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Case 745


Twenty years ago I lived with my parents. They didn’t get along. My mother was sick, and I cared for her.   My father had a second family, and he told me to leave the house because, if I didn’t, he would. Since I didn’t want my mother to suffer if my father left, I [...]

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Case 739


My mother has been losing her memory. I take care of her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. She is bedridden now. My father died a few years ago, and she confuses me with him.... The occasional times when my aunt can take care of my mother so that I can get out [...]

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Case 723


I am twenty-four years old, and I live with my parents. I have deep sadness in my heart because of my mother.... She got very angry because I didn’t become a doctor, and she compares me with my younger sister, who was able to finish her degree program before I did.   I have fallen [...]

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Case 703


I am a single, thirty-three-year-old woman, living with my parents and younger sister.... Since I am the only one with a stable income, I pay for almost all the expenses of the household. My parents’ income only covers the rental of the house. A few years back I got a loan to cover a significant [...]

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Case 668


I received a friend request on Facebook from my father, whom I have not heard from for the past thirty years. When I was seven, he abandoned us for another woman and the family that he made with her. I overheard him asking my mother to tell us that he was dead and that we [...]

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Case 620


After finding out that my mom had hidden from me that the man who raised me was not my biological father, my parents forbade me from looking for him. I feel that I need to know him, for I have never felt that I had a father. My sister doesn’t love me because I have [...]

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Case 564


I have lived outside my country for twelve years, and during that time I have been sending money to my parents to help support them. The first few years I was sending almost all that I earned because my mother has always had a lot of debts.... Then I sent some savings for her to [...]

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Case 518


When I was twelve years old, my parents got divorced because my father abused my mother so badly that a judge issued a restraining order preventing my father from coming to our house or seeing us. About three years ago, my father contacted me saying that he wanted to talk to me and meet my [...]

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Case 492


My father, because of bad behavior, is a prisoner at sixty years of age.... I visit him every couple of weeks with my children. We take him money and food, and some aunts also visit him and take him food. One of those aunts just told me that my dad has revealed embarrassing secrets about [...]

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