Death / Grief

Case 808


A little over two years ago my two eldest daughters and I took my ninety-plus-year-old grandmother back to her house in another state. I was driving that day when a truck plowed into the back of my car, crushing my two princesses and my grandmother. I was hospitalized for more than a month of physical [...]

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Case 775


Eight years ago the father of my children committed suicide.... I was very unhappy, so I had decided to leave him and take my children.... He was unfaithful to me and hurt me a lot. That night that it happened he said that he wished I were dead. I was really scared because I could [...]

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Case 760


My mother died a few months ago, and I’m not sure if I grieved for her. Since that time, I have noticed a significant change in my personality. My behavior and actions have changed so much that I have come to the point of not showing respect to my family.... I am afraid, sad, and [...]

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Case 737


A few weeks ago, I traveled to another country without my twenty-eight and thirty-year-old adult children. Just a few days later, my older son jumped from a third floor and killed himself. So I returned to my country, but now I don’t have the energy to do anything at all. I would appreciate a word [...]

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Case 678


I believe that I interfered with God’s will. I am a medical doctor, and a little less than a year ago my brother, the person who I loved most in this world, died during surgery for a brain tumor. I was angry and I blamed my mother for the delay in my brother’s diagnosis because [...]

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Case 610


When I was twenty-one I married a special man... but two months after our second child was born my husband died of cancer.... I had to give up all outside work and activities in order to take care of my children.... A year ago I married again, and my children love my new husband.... But [...]

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Case 659


The Bible says that only God the Father knows when the final events of humanity will take place.... I think that those events cause many of us to wonder, and some people to feel terrified about the impending last judgment. What should the attitude of the Christian be when faced with the real possibility that [...]

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Case 643


I can’t stop thinking about something that bothers me and scares me to death. I have always wondered about eternity, and if sometime after death, once we’re in heaven, God will destroy us. It feels like He created us for a finite time period and, after that time is over, He will discard us. It [...]

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Case 261


A little more than three years ago I lost a nephew. He was nineteen years old and died suddenly. While at the university, he fainted, and by the time they got him to the hospital he had already passed away. That hurt me deeply. I looked for help in the Word of God, wanting to [...]

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Case 262


My fifty-five-year-old husband died of a sudden heart attack after thirty-six years of marriage.... He had chest pains and called me. I told him to go see a doctor, and he said that he would just take an aspirin. I couldn’t do anything: he died in my arms. I tried to revive him and gave [...]

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