Death / Grief

Case 262


My fifty-five-year-old husband died of a sudden heart attack after thirty-six years of marriage.... He had chest pains and called me. I told him to go see a doctor, and he said that he would just take an aspirin. I couldn’t do anything: he died in my arms. I tried to revive him and gave [...]

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Case 205


I am a teenager with a serious problem. I am afraid of dying. I have been this way for many years, but instead of getting better, it has gotten worse. A few days ago I was thinking about this fear, and it got so bad I started to tremble: all of this is because I [...]

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Case 183


My older brother died at forty-two years of age, and the loss I felt was so great that... I stopped praying and going to church. Just writing these lines has been very difficult, but since I subscribed to receive your messages by email two weeks ago, I decided to take the risk. I don’t want [...]

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Case 167


I had a sexual relationship with a guy and I ended up pregnant. My pregnancy was difficult as I suffered from high blood pressure. I begged God to have mercy on my baby, but he lived only twelve hours and had breathing problems and high blood pressure. I had placed all my faith in God, [...]

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Case 156


I have a friend that lost her father a year ago. A friend of hers, who supposedly sees spirits, puts her in contact with her father every day, and she speaks with him like she would speak to any other person. I’d like to know what you think about this. Dear Friend, In the past [...]

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Case 124


Two years ago I received the worst news of my life. My son had a disease that is practically incurable for science: bone cancer. He was in treatment for two years, but finally my beloved son died. When I got the news, it hurt me very much. I blamed God, and then had to ask [...]

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Case 75


I have cancer, and it has crossed my mind that I should introduce my husband to one of my friends. She has a daughter who is ill, and she has told me that her income is not adequate to take care of her child. Since I am dying, I think my husband would be the [...]

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Case 67


My wife has pancreatic cancer for the second time, and I am desperate.... There are moments when I get depressed from seeing her suffering, and at times I have said that God doesn’t love us and doesn’t listen to us anymore.... At times I feel that I can’t go on, but there is something inside [...]

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Case 52


Ever since I had my daughter, I have felt a lot of anxiety. Sometimes I get up in the morning ready to do a million things, other times I don’t want to do anything; but the worst thing I feel is a lot of fear of what is going on and of dying.... I know [...]

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Case 47


A very good friend of mine died a few days ago.... It was a hard blow for all of her friends because she was very young and seemed so healthy. After her death, I constantly thought about her soul.... I was curious to know where her soul was, and I admit that I wanted to [...]

Case 472021-01-20T05:21:13-07:00
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